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Long Sandy Beach backed by dunes
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13th May 2004
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The long sandy beaches of Brean and Berrow are considerably quieter than nearby Weston-Super-Mare and often offer better conditions for forces-of-nature sports. The waves tend to be better, bigger, cleaner and more swell-based rather than just wind-blown. Its not really a surfers beach, but it can be surfed, although it is never good.

For windsurfing and kitesurfing the prevailing SW winds are less gusty than at Weston and provide good cross-onshore bump and jump sailing conditions. The beaches of Brean and Berrow are still highly tidal though and sailing is therefore restricted to around 2 hours either side of high tide. I think there is now a ban on kiting sports???

All the usual seaside amentites can be found nearby and you can park on the beach. To find the place where most people sail from, drive into Burnham and drive north towards Brean Down, look for the sign pointing to Berrow Beach. At the beach turn left and drive about 500m to the pylons. Launch from here.
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Posted By: mikeypies

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Last Visit: 01-06-2005

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Burnham Berrow Brean

For you kite boys buggys are banned from all three beachs the owners were fed up with the strings flying over their houses, cant blame them realy . Weston is the only place to go but is regulated as well , see for the latest info
Posted By: the force

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Registered: 23-01-2005
Last Visit: 25-01-2005


Look out for the metal rods sticking out of the mud, they start to show aprox 2 1/2 hours after high tide (depending on the height of the tide). They are about 2' high and will make a nice gouge in your board!

During spring tides the exit from the beach will be under water, so you will have to wait for the tide to go down.

Otherwise it is an excellent place to kitesurf.
Posted By: jade

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brean beach

brean beachnis a very nice place there is alot of things 2 do there !!! they have pubs n cafes located off the beach which is easy 2 get 2!!!!!!!!
the onli problem with the beach is the tide times !!!!!!!!!!!
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