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21st December 2015
Windsurfing: Felixstowe-Fludyers
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Stength: f5, 6, 7, gust F8
Surf / Sea State: choppy with rollers
Air Temperature: 10
Sea Temperature: 11.7
Weather: cloud, some sun
Max Speed: 23.5 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 10.9 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Arrived bit after mid-day. Dip had bit of wind shadow so off to Fludyers. Looked good 6m weather but forecast to climb so rigged 76l/5.3m with 25cm fin. Well powered and tried a couple of jumps after recent advice. Overpowered after a few runs so down to 4.7m and 21.5cm fin. Mast plug was stuck in 5.3m which took ages to free and cracked as I banged it back into mast. A few nice runs then overpowered again.
Strawb came in to change form 5m to 4m and I changed down to 4.2m which I could not downhaul enough as new head webbing was adjusted a bit long and left it a bit full as wanted to get out before it went nuclear. Some good runs then started to get overpowered again. Wind continued to climb and spilling wind all the time, so we both packed up. I should have beleived the forecast and rigged small to start with.
Sea was choppier than last few times even after high, I guess as wind a bit more onshore. Some nice 4' swells building but contaminated by the chop. One bad catapualt as gust hit but luckily unhooked. Board flew about 20m downwind so good swim to catch it and glad it did not start surfing away.
Unrigging on the prom was worrying as board blew down the beach, but looks undmaged, follwed by rig which luckily landed on the sand. Finished at the right time. Way windier than it looked.
I always seemed to be one size too big. 3* I suppose.
Toys Used:
F2 Guerilla 76
Gaastra Poison 4.2
Simmer Iron 5.3
North Ice 4.7
Nik Baker K-66 25
MFC wave 21.5



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