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Member#: 135
Location: Poole
Registered: 09-02-2003
Diary Entries: 36

Mood: Optimistic!
8th March 2003
Windsurfing: Poole
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 20-35MPH
Surf / Sea State: Chop and some swell
Air Temperature: Mild
Sea Temperature: OK
Weather: Cloudy with some rain
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Drove to Poole via Branksome where there were more people out than I had ever seen before. Took some photos on a borrowed digital camera. It was great to watch these guys (and girls), but a bit intimidating!

Got to Poole and saw lots of people on 5-6M sails. Decided to rig the 6M (I am a large chap after-all!)

Then decided to go 'small' for the first time by using J...'s board (on loan to pay for its rent in our garage during building work's...hope this is still OK J...)

Launched and was watched by some others to check their sail choice (why me! what do I know!)

Had a great, if short session. Happily got into the straps and went much faster than ever before for a few runs.

Completed some waterstarts and generally had fun before a big caterpult. My finger looked a bit mashed and try as I may, the wedding ring was never going to go over the rather inlfammed knuckle

Sailed back and then packed up and went to Poole hospital A&E. Sounds a bit drastic, but by then the wedding ring was restricting blood flow into the finger. They cut the ring off for me and the finger receeded to a rather less severe shade of purple overnight!

Overall a great day. Sailing in those conditions with a smaller board made me feel I am getting closer to calling myself a real windsurfer!
Toys Used:
F2 Ride 116L
Tushingham Storm 6.0
Arrows 10% 460
Arrows Weapon Large



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