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10th September 2017
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Manor end
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: F5/6
Surf / Sea State: rough
Air Temperature: cool
Sea Temperature: ok
Weather: cloudy
Max Speed: 26.31 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 10.4 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Forecast was to build so left it midday but that was a mistake as morning session was quieter. Went to dip - xshore windy but all went to Manor. Met with MSwain and went to Manor. Craig out on 7.2 looked wrong, so waited, as wind was building. Loads at the manor with biggish kit! Most didn't get wet so waited. Pulled out 7m kit, then 6.5 but didn't rig. pulled off 130L but didn't use. Finally set up 6.2 / 111L which was spot on at first. Did the speed thing to get something on the clock early. Waves were big, sea rough, hated it. First run was 26.1 next 26.31 then quit as sea lumped up. Wind was up/down swinging, so on the runs in stayed with playing waves until I saw flat water near the beach.
Others were sailing well and loved it but I like flattish water better so Point Clear would have been a better choice. Was knackered every run, even if I ignored the GPS. Not much wind at the beach, so it was a bit offish. Not sure if Manor is any better than Dip. Wind dropped and all came off the water to chat and eat, then big clouds / drizzle clear and the wind came back even higher - most were on 5's and 6. I was blown off the water but luckily wear a float coat took the hit, although still have bruised ribs. Wave heads went out on 4.7's and water was foaming. Packed up well before. Good thing was waves were good to gybe off or play coming in, and when water starting you didn't lose ground down wind as wind against tide. Not a bad day but just hard work. Rog broke a mast close in, and swam, Strawbs was out of sorts he said. Just wish water was smoother. 4 stars because at least there was decent wind. A morning session would have been better for me.
The watch boys had 27. x ( Mark / Craig) and the rest 26.x's so staying with the pace on not my fav rough water.
Went out too far a couple of times trying to slow up for a gybe after massive gusts worried me.
The JP Magic ride 111L handled the water nice. Sold my Dakine fusion seat harness which wasn't comfortable as over padded for kiters and bought a Dakine XT and that's really nice with no back ache for a change. Can really recommend the XT for windsurfing. Its supports the back perfect and is light with no excess padding.
*****Footnote - Swainey got a parking ticket at the free council carpark!! Ridiculously, you are allowed to park the vehicle with a trailer, but you cant unhitch it. We all unhitched but he was still there when the warden came round! warned think its 60
Toys Used:
JP Magic Ride Pro 111L
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220
JP 38 Magic Ride 38cm
Rip Curl E Bomb 4/3/2



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