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5th October 2017
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Stength: 15-30kts
Surf / Sea State: lumpy chop
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: ok
Weather: sunny cloudy
Max Speed: 27.15 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 9.4 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Had a mare day today at Bradfield. Arrived 9.30am to see Squiz, Mags, Neil, Pete, Jay, James, Pete, Dave. Nice warm sunny day and a very breezy, 25kt NW wind. Plenty of white water about and tide 20mts out, high to be around 1 ish. Squiz came back in to say 5.8 was under and he took out 6.4, so rigged the 7.0 RRD Overdrive, used at Point Clear for a nice sail.
Plugged it to JP Magic ride 111 and shot off the beach. Although it was howling, the rig and board felt dreadful. Port tack start from beach heading down to the shipping buoy, the board felt like I was dragging weed, luffing up, not loose at all, and the sail gutless with no power. Def something wrong. On the second run back at full speed the boom front end came undone and I flew over the top swallowing half of the River Stour. Think that was the beginning of the end. It took 20 mins to get the front clamp rope back on the clip, but as soon as I water started it came off again. It wasn’t over the clip. Limped back to the beach with the boom just jammed. All the cams had popped off, and the downhaul was jammed, so had to strip the rig and start again.
Switched boards as there were too big a hole in the middle and couldn’t float thru the lulls. Plugged the Goya 130 in 30 mins later back on the water, still very windy, tide close in, but again this time the 130L felt like dragging weed, luffing etc and no power, it had to be how I rigged the sail. Had a few more runs, but couldn’t handle the chop and gusts so decided to call it a bad day and quit.
The old fin was sticking out beyond the board so that felt useless also.
Had coffee and sarnie felt better, but too comfortable so packed in. Squiz clock 29kts so did Pete and Neil and Colsey were having a great time. They said the water had flattened at high and just after, but I couldn’t be bothered. Asked Colsey to sort out the rigging of the Severne at the end and he did.
3 to 4cm too much downhaul and outhaul, no tack strap, causing its lifeless performance and not keeping the board nose down. The cams wouldn’t rotate, now they did. Dave also tightened the tack strap (which I never did) and completely changed the belly of the sail, which was now far more pronounced. Def looked and felt better on land despite not having the right mast. Marked all the settings for next time.
The sun came out even more so great October day for sailing and they all had 5 star days. James milked it on the outgoing tide as normal. Got rid of the Stour bugs in the steam room, felt great.

Toys Used:
JP Magic Ride Pro 111L
MAUI SRS 75% C_const curve 430
MK CPX 160 - 210
Rip Curl E Bomb 4/3/2



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