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10th November 2017
Windsurfing: Wrabness
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Stength: 10/25
Surf / Sea State: river chop
Air Temperature: 10
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny
Max Speed: 29.37 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 24.08 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Friday 10th November – windsurfing **** Wrabness – sunny but cold

29.37 kt. max, 27.25 kt. ave., 12.16 kt. hr., 21.87 kt mile, 44.60 km., 18.20 kt. alpha.

Today’s forecast of NW winds blowing 20/30 with wall to wall sunshine made the River Stour the only option. With a late afternoon high, we arranged on WhatsApp to go to Wrabness a few miles further on from Bradfield but it can be sailed longer as the deep-water channel is closer here:) Mag and I were the first to arrive having just parked up, it’s a little tight to turn and park here when Peter Cutts arrives at 10.30. The tide was still low having not been long turned but the deep-water channel can be walked to and the mud is not too soft either! On walking down to check the conditions we discovered the gate had been left unlocked which made it easy for new arrival Roger Vickers to park his camper closely followed by Neil Hurrell. The onshore winds were gusting 17 to 30 mph a bit windier than I expected so gear choice was the next consideration? Being a chilly 10 degrees I decided against a smaller board and took the 295 over the sea wall to the beach. I was going to rig 7m but went with the 6.5 instead with Peter and Roger going the same with Neil a fraction smaller. The four of us all headed out together with Neil taking the lead, the deeper water was a bit of a walk but we were soon blasting off across the river towards Holbrook School on the Suffolk side, in this direction you have over two miles of water:) As always in the river it is always up and down especially near the banks and sadly the strongest winds coincided with the roughest water where the incoming tide had chopped it up but it was great fun sailing in the bright sunshine in beautiful surrounding trying to break 30 knots!!! I had my toasty full winter suit on for the first time this winter but my neoprene hat seemed to vanish in thin air from the garage to Wrabness, a complete mystery???? I had my helmet on to keep my ears warm and it was only my hands that got cold but nothing too bad. I came in after an hour and half for a sandwich with Mag, Local sailor Jason Powell and Tom Alexander had arrived along with two sailors I had not seen before, making eight, quite good for a Friday in November with at least two more out at Bradfield:) It was hard going fast and I had only got 28 kts so headed out again. I doubled the miles covered and increased my max to 29, tried for a fast mile while sailing bank to bank but that was hard with a few holes when you came off the plan but managed a few nice gybes. With the wind becoming even more gusty I called it a day and headed back to the van for a warming cuppa. So, a nice 3 hours in the sunshine with some great mates, Sunday is looking similar but colder so not sure yet?
Were treated to an amazing sunset on the way home :)

Photo Gallery Here

Toys Used:
F2 Xantos 295 133
Tushingham Lightning 6.5
North Silverline 180/230
Gull Delta L



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