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23rd November 2017
Windsurfing: Point Clear
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Stength: 15/25
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature: 11
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny but cooler
Max Speed: 31.97 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 17.22 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Thursday 23rd November – windsurfing **** Point Clear – sunny but cooler

31.97 kt. max, 28.92 kt. ave., 10.88 kt. hr., 14.47 kt mile, 31.90 km., 18.83 kt. alpha.

The plan was to go to Point Clear for the afternoon tide but when I checked the landguard weather station it was windy enough but WNW not a great direction. All the forecasts were showing it should be WSW so after checking with Peter Cutts we decided to go as it was such a nice sunny day and with the temperature now dropping to 5 degrees so we needed to get out! Luckily the big winds from last night, gusting to 40 knots but the Orwell Bridge was open after being closed for a while last night! After a quick trip up town and lunch packed to headed off on the 40-mile drive arriving at The Green at 11.30, the first there. The tide was well in and you could be out on the water. With winds gusting to 25 mph I put a small fin in the 282 and was going to rig 6.5 but when I took the board down to the beach the wind seemed lighter so went for the 7m X-15 which can take 30 kts easily but the cams can be a pain when gybing! Local Keith Farmer had arrived followed by Peter Cutts, sadly sporting a rib injury which made sailing very uncomfortable:( There was several kiters setting up at the café end and I was the second windsurfer to head to the lagoon. I should have had a few runs in the open sea but the fin was very small so sadly didn’t go for some mile runs:( The wind was patchy in the lagoon but you could make 28/29 knots by bearing off towards the creeks at the far end in the rougher water. I was getting some nice gybes and was toasty in my winter suit and new hood, it was only the hands to get chilly! I was joined by Keith on 7.8 and Peter on 7m but 30 knots eluded us all. Peter with his sore ribs was sailing in the flat water next to the shingle bank so I decided to give it a go. I sailed through the very bumpy water where the sea breaches the bank to the far end where I sailed out of the wind and had the step off in the mud. Then big gust hit and I struggled to get in the straps and point the board away from the bank but was flying even if not that comfortable but was pleased when I came to the end of the run to find I had only just missed out on 32 kts!!!! :) With a 10 sec 30 kt under my belt I tried for a 30 ave but could find another suitable gust so headed back to the van for a sandwich with Mag. Peter had had enough and was retiring injured :( but Keith was rigging 7m on his lovely new carbon boom to try on his also new RRD 122 slalom board which looks pretty fast and so’ooooooooooooo wide! The wind seemed to have increased so I had a few more runs but struggled and with cold hands I decided to call it a day and wobbled back. I soon warmed up as the wonderful diesel heater pumped hot air into the van while I had a cuppa and chocolate bar:) So a nice afternoon at one of my favourite spots, I have been out five times this mouth to five different venues:) That might be it for a while with it getting cold for several days ahead:(

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Toys Used:
F2 Ride - Limited Edition 282
Tushingham x-15 7m
North Silverline 180/230
Gull Delta L



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