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14th May 2018
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Dip
Wind Direction: Northerly
Wind Stength: F3-5
Surf / Sea State: Bumpy
Air Temperature: cool
Sea Temperature: cool
Weather: cloudy cool
Max Speed: 26.08 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 7.4nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Turned up late at Bradfield an hour be4 high to see Pete flying around and Keith having a mare and changing down from 8.5. Time to try out the new Bolt 125 hooked to a 7.8 RRD Fire wing cm sail. The river was very choppy and the Northerly was holey, but tide was in so plenty of water. Had the MF all the way to the front, and on the first gust went straight over the top, WTF. Took ages to recover and the tooth grip ripped out of the boom lever. Board was twitchy for a 125 but it is so light that it was too corky when not planning. First run was a disaster as could not get it strap as I set them too outbd and narrow. Pete was flying around and looked quick, Keith was on the RRD was fired up. I was still faffing. Now had the MF lose and relocated thanks to Pete's strength. Sail had insufficient downhaul, sorted that but still could get in straps so very wary and still not able to beat pass the point for Wrabness. Fortunately wind shifted allowing better runs. The Bolt is either off or on, no in between. Moving the nose away from the wind was hard, so guess I could move MF back further and straps def in board. Cant say I enjoyed the day on the Stour as couldn't get to grips with the board. Its very quick, and I wasn't re-acting quick enough. Speeds were cruising around 24kts as not able to go down wind, then lucky hit a gust, just missed the point and flew down to Wrabness, back foot out of strap. GPS registered 26.08 which was encouraging as nothing was OK. Spun out quite a lot so pretty heavy footed at 16st 10. The gusty wind took the enjoyment out of the day so packed up as the tide was now 10 meters out. Although I like the board, it wasn't a fair test. Need some flat water tweak and see what happens. Took ages to water start the RRD sail as the big luff filled with water.
Toys Used:
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
MK Carbon CP3 178 -228
Chinook Carbon Race carbon 195- 261



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