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23rd October 2018
Windsurfing: Bradfield
Wind Direction: NW
Wind Stength: 15-30+
Surf / Sea State: Bumpy middle flat edges
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: sunny cloudy
Max Speed: 29.17 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 15.4 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Another top day at Bradfield. Gusts hitting 30kts with less wind on the edges tempted me and some others to go bigger than we should - eyes bigger than our bellies! The place was full, old faces everywhere. Had to get up early for tide so had nothing to eat, no warm up rushed like a mad man in a windy farmers field to sail on a river! What a sport.
Only had the 135 Bolt - with Squiz and Neil coming in to change down from big to 7m, didn't make sense as no wind at the beach, but that was cos slightly off shore. Neil said 7m and I didn't listen, but stopped rigging 8.5! Went to 7.8 Goya Mark / 46 fin had a few runs but was way over in the middle, with sail, bd and fin too big. I thought it was temporary but the wind increased!
Came in to re rig and should have gone 6.6m yet again changed my mind and rigged 7.2 - 44 fin. Things improve but I was wiping with some spectacular digging in the back of the swell on the down wind drags to get some speeds on the GPS. Lots of runs at 27kt which I knew would not be good enough on the day with Squiz Andy and Mark flying and clearly doing GPS downwind runs. Great fun this because everyone ignores each other doing these runs purely to join the 30kt club on the day. You are competing with yourself, but with all your mates at the same time!
Using the 7.8M took all my days energies and hilarity broke out when Maggie offered me some of her jellyatrics sweets - which I actually needed not having eaten anything! Felt old then!
Started my experiment with straps which I had moved to outer most position on the Bolt 135L. It was a nightmare! wipe out after wipe out as the board hit the chop in the middle, the fin lifted dropping the nose and I just couldn't load it enough on the edge of the board to level the board. It did raise the speed to 29.1 knots but it wasn't enjoyable, as my body position was precarious, maybe on flat water.
The mast foot needed to move back from max forward and inch - but was locked solid! Went back in and moved the straps inboard, for comfort and ease. That relaxed the board and although the speeds dropped back again to 26_27kts I was very happy.
By then I was very tired, and still only done 15.4 nm I called it a day.
Gybing was terrible for flat water, with weird gusts and holes where I decided to gybe. Wearing a float coat took all the big impacts nicely, so just a little bruised after 4 particular front enders.
Some guys changed down but Andy, Swainey and Neil rigging 6.6 was a good call. Personally its 10 stars but not all agreed due to being gusty. Tweaking sail board fin and straps was all to achieve a nice board balance for any given conditions and am definitely understanding what I need to do to stay fast but comfortable.
Am now using a smart watch to tell me whatís happened to my body on the day. The max speed runs coincided with max HR 197 and 159ís 3 hr calorie burn 1869k which is another good work out.

Toys Used:
NORTH 460 GOLD 460
GUN Select 100 460
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220
MK CPX 160 - 210



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