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20th February 2019
Skiing: Mijoux
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny and mild
Max Speed: 38.50 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 33 miles (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Wednesday 20th February – Ski **** Mijoux in France – sunny and mild.

5 hours 30 mins. out, 33 miles covered & 38.50 knot max speed, two lift passes with insurance 58.10 Euros.

A good night in the ski car park above Mijoux in the Jura and we were not disturbed by the piste basher which was amazing with the piste only a few metres away! It was our coldest morning and we woke to frozen windows on the inside but we were toasty under our double fleecy quilts, the diesel heater soon warms the whole van and I am sleeping with the hood up on my skiing roll neck! In this spot the van doesn’t get any sun until about mid-morning. After breakfast while Mag made rolls, I sorted the ski gear out taking great care as the car park was a sheet of ice! We left the frosty van at 10 and walked the short distance to the piste, skied down to the ticket office and paid 58 Euros for the day which is still pretty good as most big resorts charge that each!!! We are lucky that this resort actually has two chair lifts, the one taking us from Mijoux village up to the main ski area at La Faucille where we started our snow shoe from yesterday. When nearing the top we got a taste of things to come when we saw the beginner area was packed with long queues for the small button:( This is a nice little ski area and we soon skied down to the main Telecombi du Mont Rond a fast 6 seat lift taking you to the top of Mont Rond at 1533m, only trouble was that this was the only lift out of the village and was a huge bottle neck and we had to queue for ten minutes every time we used it:( We are not used to this as we have been lucky and always timed our month skiing so that we have the pistes virtually to ourselves but this time we have got our timing wrong and it is the French School’s winter holidays. We now know that they have three weeks in February and only have the bank holidays off at Easter. Therefore, it is peak peak holiday season here. We even heard English voices!! Never before in the Jura :) We must do more research next year – we have obviously just been lucky before. It is probably the worst day for queuing we have ever had but everybody was good natured with no pushing and shoving. The only down side was somebody vaping and covering everyone in a horrible sickly, sweet caramel smelling smoke, dummies for adults I call them!!!! There were a couple of lift attendants working non-stop to make sure 6 people a time got on to keep the queue moving as fast as possible. Again, the views at the top were lovely although sadly even more hazy than yesterday and we couldn’t see Mont Blanc at all today. A breeze is needed to clear it away but it is lovely to be up the mountain in clear blue skies and light airs. The valleys sadly fill up with pollution:( Anyway, now to the good bit. We started off with the blue to the right and then worked our way across the resort and to be honest despite the crowds at the bottom the lovely pistes were on the whole fairly quiet:) We wondered where all those people went because they didn’t appear to make it to the pistes! We got into the habit of skiing right down to the bottom at Mijoux on a lovely fast blue path, meaning we didn’t have to stand in the queue so often. We then discovered two long button lifts to the left servicing some nice quiet blue/green runs so stayed there for an hour or so. Getting peckish we found a great spot at the top of the Teleski des Gelinottes near the end of the racquets walk with fantastic views back towards Lelex and the Le Colomby de Gex at 1689m a popular destination for walkers. Perhaps we will try that tomorrow. Again, a yummy picnic only slightly spoilt by English voices behind us and some plonker flying a whining drone overhead, God I sound like a right grumpy old git today!!!! Which is a shame because the skiing was actually very good. We had another hour or so skiing but were getting tired so after a couple of long top to bottoms we decided to call it a day, we had been out 5hrs 30 mins and had covered 33 miles so not bad for a couple of old timers! A much-needed cuppa and cake was followed by a walk into the village where unfortunately we both ended up flat on our backs as the pavements were lethal:( I was unscathed but Mag bruised her Butt!!! Still we managed to get some postcards, bread, ham and more cake and made it safely back to the van for left over top curry.

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