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27th February 2020
Hiking - Walking: Lac Vallon
Wind Direction:
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Weather: snow then rain!
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Thursday 27th February – walk **** - La Chevrerie ski car park to and around Lac Vallon – snow then rain!

Another good night near Lac Lemon in Thonon – Les – Bains and woke to a cloudy morning but no snow/rain yet. Mag did her stand-up exercises by the Lac and then had a quick stroll along the prom a bit nippy but she was fine, and all before breakfast! We thought our best option was to go up into the mountains to one of our favourites that offered good skiing and snowshoeing to sit out any bad weather today as tomorrows forecast looks promising with the return of some sunshine in the morning. We had a brief stop at a supermarket for bread and milk but I found a rotisserie chicken for under 6 Euros so couldn’t resist:) We managed to find the road up eventually and the road was clear of yesterday’s heavy snow but everything else was covered in snow looking absolutely fabulous:) We soon reached the La Chevrerie turnoff and passed through the huge lumber yard. There were a few ski tourers getting ready to walk up, rather them than me now as it was snowing quite nicely! It was fairly busy at the learner button lifts in the village but that was because visibility was pretty poor up high. The main ski car park was only about half full as we tucked into a nice corner by the fast-flowing stream and were soon tucking into our delicious chicken baguette with the snow falling really heavily now. Both our boys messaged saying it was snowing in Surrey and Suffolk but I don’t think they got much more than a dusting. We were thinking that we would have to dig the van out at some point when we leave and got the shovel out of the boot in case, but the snow turned to rain and then late afternoon it eased right off so we got our ski clothes on and with umbrella in hand set off for a walk. We went to see the line of beautiful husky dogs waiting impatiently for their turn pulling the sled. Some had the most stunning blue eyes:) We then headed down the piste towards the village which runs alongside the stream all the way. On reaching the button lifts we continued towards the lovely St, Bruno Chapel that sits above Lac Vallon. We have walked around several the lake several times before but decided to do it again even though it was now raining nicely. I pinched the umbrella as it helped me keep my camera dry when taking pics. The best bit was at the end of the Lac when we left the main footpath and made our own tracks through the trees!! I was taking a photo on a small foot bridge and dropped the lens cap onto the snow-covered rocks below! Mag went and rescued it for me :) After a quick trip out onto the small jetty, you have a walk a section back along the road which proved a nightmare as two ‘arsehole’ French drivers speeding past absolutely covered us in slush, what a couple of inconsiderate tossers!!!! We left the road when we reached the end of the Lac and returned to the van on the snowy track we had come on. We had again got our 6-mile legs again having walked the best part of 5 miles in the snow! We now have the place all to ourselves and although it is raining - fingers crossed the snow is still good in the morning for some skiing, if not there is always some great snowshoeing options, the world is our Lobster:)

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