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15th May 2020
Mt. Biking: Ipswich to Trimley
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Stength: 13kts
Surf / Sea State: n/a
Air Temperature: OK warm in sun
Sea Temperature: n/a
Weather: Sunnyish
Max Speed: 12.59 mph (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 40.3 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Wasn't going to ride but cos wind was 10-13 kts and I def dont like riding in wind! As I am not starting windsurfing until June, fitness is key at the mo, so decided I had to go.
I stick to the same route Ipswich-Sproughton then long ride to Claydon up the old Norwich road, closed to traffic via Whitton, Henley on to the Ipswich bypass to Foxhall then behind Purdis Heath golf club on to the old Felixstowe road towards Felixstowe after looping the complete old Felixstowe road to add 5 miles then same route home. Not too many hills but lots off hard driving slopes / gradients that take some grinding.
At the start of Covid my average for 40 miles was 10.x with a MTB but last week ride with a Carbon road bike moved the average to 13.x so, allowing for fitness improvements drops road bike does offer give a couple of MPH improvement which over dropped my 40 mile rides from 3hrs 33 mins to 3hrs! Def worth the investment not just for time grinding but its much easier, especially like today when its windy going down to the drops.
My rides are all about PBs and today was no exception looking to beat 3hrs and averaging 14mph. First 5 mls was fast pace 20 mins (keeping in mind I am doing 40mls) then hit the 10 mls in 44 mins so game on was 2 mins up for the PB today, or so I thought!
Had lots of headed wind unfortunately on the bypass, old Felixstowe road 5 or 6 miles of real pain down on the drop handle slogging away. I was extremely glad to see Trimley Farm produce where I turned and clocked the 20 mils in 1hr 25 mins my best time over 20. Had to do a long feed along the quiet stretch just after way and used up my one water bottle and energy bar. Def will need to fit 2 bottles for 3 hr rides. The last 5 miles to Trimley were horrendous cross breeze and with loads of cars today I knew the times would be an issue.
I stared day dreaming at 25 miles, was in pain on the race saddle and energy level was shot along with the fact I was thirsty! It was def going to be a long way home. Down the 1 mile stretch on the road linking Bucklesham with the old Felixstowe road I found my second wind and caught up with a couple of fairly slow riders which helped no end as I was flagging badly, so whizzed past the Ipswich hospital clocking 15mph on the flats with the other guys. I was now 5 mins down on my PB with 10 miles to go so it was still possible. For the first time ever I over took riders on road bikes as I upped the pace to 17mph on the 3 mile stretch of the bypass flat with slight gradient up and wind behind me. Luckily the guys turned towards Henley but the upped their pace to prob 18 / 19mph and clawed back my leading edging past me with a wave.
Alas I gave up on the PB as I was a spent force by the time I hit a great down gradient speed 28 mph on the old Norwich road this time missing the vehicle barrier by cms to get the speed wound up. The phone app said I was 4 mins behind PB but I had nothing left on the 6 miles of headed wind towards Sproughton from Claydon. My speed plummeted to 12 mph and it was game over on the PB. I went out at the right pace, but due to lack of water and seat comfort I lost all the minutes on the return journey, so good but not too ast pace is key leaving some gears for the end.
I just had to get good cadence in a low gear virtually spin biking to last 3 miles, completely exhausted and busting for a drink which was a very naughty ice cold Bud, followed by a cup of tea and 10 mins of stretching.
Nice ride and fitness is up there compared to 3 months ago. Still not missing windsurfing, but I expect I will soon if it gets sunny and windy. Def will keep MTB and Road bike as a hobby but maybe dont use all rides as PBs and change routes.
Stats 40.3 miles, 3hrs 12 mins average 12.59 burning 3824 calories with average BPM 114

Toys Used:
Focus Cayo 2.0 Road 56cm



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