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29th July 2020
Mt. Biking: Ipswich to Trimley
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 10kts
Surf / Sea State: n/a
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: n/a
Weather: Sunny
Max Speed: average 12
Distance Covered: 40.6 mils (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Nice hot day for a ride but a bit windy with the SW 10kts which hits me on the way back on my normal rides.
Tanked with 2 waters and 2 bars for a non-stop 40 miler today on the Focus Cayo carbon road bike. Route today was Sproughton Claydon Henley - North Ipswich Purdis heath, Nacton, Levington to Trimley urning at the A14 roundabout and back Via Old Felixstowe road to Purdis heath.
As I set a fast PB last week I had no plans trying again, but after 6 miles up the hill to North Ipswich the app said I was only a minute behind PB, so chased and succeeded the 10 mile PB in 40 minutes (15mph), although HR went from 110 to 130 so I knew I couldn't keep it up.
Monitoring your heart rate is a great way to control a ride even with the cadence device running, so backed off for the next 10 mls as the target was 40 miles.
Took in the scenery too much from the Ship pub at Levington as nearly came off as I gazed at loads of yachts in the sunshine. This section of the ride is down up down up a stiff hill so I belted down hitting 29.4 mph before the bend when an idiot car driver pulled out so I had to kill my speed. The Focus has great brakes and in the dry it pulls up rapid. Yep he got the 2 finger salute!
I had the wind behind me on the slog down the old bus route to Trimley (dreading coming back!) quickly turning the roundabout to limit the 20 mile time loss and came in at 1hr 25 just 4 mins over PB. Pace all the way to Felixstowe averaged 21 so fitness level is good on distance riding as the small drop in pace brought the HR down to 110.
Have changed my feeding habits on long rides, fuelling every 20 mins if the road is safe to do - having a bite of bar and a measured drink, rather than eating a whole bar 1/2 way and 1/2 bottle, seems to work much better. My saddle slipped after hitting a large pothole (10mm when I got home) and I notice a little knee pain which was increasing, so goes to show saddle height is critical, but couldn't be bothered to stop today. Completed the 40.6 mile ride in 3hrs 20 mins, around just under 13 mph average but had plenty in hand at the finish, so could have gone harder if I wanted to.
Incredibly since March when I started, 20 miles is an easy ride for me, when back then I struggled to 10! Now 40 miles although not easy, is a normal ride now for me. Burnt 3914 calories and not much stiffness at the end, except still a little butt pain from 35 miles. The saddle makes 50 miles uncomfortable, so not bothering with that distance until I find a suitable one.
Both my road and MTB bikes have worn chains, so hope I can ge a government 50 quid voucher soon.

Toys Used:
Focus Cayo 2.0 Road 56cm



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