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2nd June 2019
Windsurfing: The Dip-Felixstowe
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 10/20
Surf / Sea State: lumpy
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny periods and warm:)
Max Speed: 22.58 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 24.28 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Sunday 2nd June – windsurf **** The Dip, Felixstowe – sunny periods and warm

Fanatic Cat with 39 cm fin and Tushingham Lightning 9.4.

Fin – 22.58 knot max., 21.19 knot ave., 10.73 knot hour, 20.09 knot mile, 44.70 km., 10.34 knot alpha.

The weather forecasters had told we were getting 15 to 20 mph of wind all day from the SSW and I was tempted to Go to Point Clear but with a mid-morning high with the wind building through the day I decided against a trip to Essex. It was then a toss up between two local venues The Manor and The Dip and in the end we all decided on The Dip thinking it would be earlier to park in our new specially made car park all be it much smaller than our original spot in the boat park which the council in their wisdom put 9 beach huts which they are selling for £18,000, who in their right mind would spend that on a shed and while we soon filled our little carpark only a couple of new beach owners were there! I made a good decision by not going to Point Clear as it was very light first thing, after doing my exercises in the garden I got feed up of checking Landguard weather station so I decided to head to The Dip. Mag came and we had a good catch up as loads of our mates arrived, we had litter pickers out in force plus a visit from the volunteer coast watch boat but although the wind teased us it was not enough for anyone to rig, not even the foilers! Mag had had enough of all this micky taking and foiling talk so walked home then in the end Andy decided to rig his 8.2 and set up his foil. So, I went for it and rigged 9.4 and took my longboard for the second time in three days. I was pleasantly surprised when I set off as there was enough to nicely rail up as I once again beat down the coast. In fact, the wind increased as I reached Landguard and I had some cracking reaches back with the wind only dropping as I reached The Dip. There had been enough wind for several sailors to rig their fin boards:) After another chat on the beach the breeze returned so I couldn’t be bothered to rig a smaller sail for a short board even though it would have been marginally faster! Again, it was a good beat to the other side of the pier with a good broad reach back which really does smooth out the sea! With the short board sailors now getting overpowered with their 8m but I decided to have a few more nearly two mile runs out. It was big and lumpy until the red and white bouy but bearing off it was fantastic fun driving the big board flat out in a big sea:) So like I said I would have been a little faster on a short board but this was just as much fun, you cant beat a distance cruise and there are only really to angles to sail for me, upwind and broad! So, in the end it was an OK session for lumpy, bumpy old Felixstowe and we might even get another sail, it will have to be on the fin again as I need once again to get some longer bolts before I can try my new foil out!
PS - I nearly forgot, I had a job to put my longboard back into it's bag as my mates had half filled it with shingle!!! :)

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Toys Used:
Fanatic Mega Cat 380 III 380
Tushingham Lightning 9.4
Mystic  Majestic xl



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