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Stoked from the Vendee
Airborne - 11-8-2004 at 11:34

I just had the best waves in the Vendee i've ever had!
Perfect bodyboarding waves for me! Not to high (so not to scary for my skill) Very small tube sometimes but perfect glassy walls to ride along. Oh, and it only drizzled spitting light rain twice, the rest was sunny hot (nearly spanish heat) weather.
Surf, swell....even though the wind was onshore! (Nice girls there if i might add!) Plus great French food, eating out every night.
All this, plus i got masses of rides in slightly crowded water....but i managed with the help of tips from the spongers on this forum managed to ride my first 40 waves of actually doing sponging pro style (riding along it and not just with the whitewater because of the great waves). And i learnt how to do spins. Stoked!

Well, that's my summer holiday out the way...yay, now i've only got a long wait until the next sponge
(i don't live near the coast)

Has anyone been to the place that i've just described? It's a place called Breitagnols sur mer and its in the Vendee, West Coast of France...near a beach named Les Dunes. And other beaches such as Sauveterre and La Sauzaie?

I also went to the D-DAY beaches, very small waves there with no can't really call it a surf spot.

Thodd - 11-8-2004 at 15:37

Hey Airborne,

Great news that you finally got the chance to rip it up!!! I bet your so stoked at the moment..itching to get back out in the sea.

Keep your eye on the weather reports America is in Hurricane season at the moment, which is great news for us UK surfers... we should hopefully get some very powerful swell coming over if the hurricanes do there thing!

Airborne - 11-8-2004 at 15:59

WOW! Maybe i could take a quick trip to wales or something! In the half term break my parents said we could go to that should be good.

Thodd, i think it was you that gave me some tips on how not to slide out and slow down on a wave so that you move forward and not along the wave. I have to tell you that those tips really worked dude so thanks a lot for that!

Your certainly right, i am eager to get back into the water...can anyone help me to chose the best area to go in Wales?

Thanks again Thodd...once again you've proven yourself to be the man of all knowedge with the hurricane buisness, im getting excited now as well as being stoked! The weather best pick up because at the moment its poor.

Do you live near fistral Thodd? Don't you live in Cornwall? If so can you give me any advice on where to go, stay thinking of that hotel right on fistral beach, i forgot its name. Any advice?

Cheers, Airborne.