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Aberystwyth MTB Rides Weeke Beginning 23rd Feb 2009
justal - 21-2-2009 at 19:32

Night Ride
This weeks night ride is on Wednesday February 25th and the venue is Climach-x at Machynlleth. To follow the Climach-x trail with an addition of the 3-in-1 descent from the Enduro. Especially with with the enduro only a couple of months away.

Weekend Rides
Nothing definite yet, but if anyone fancies a ride then I'm sure we can organise something

General Info
There is a group of 10ish transient and 4-5 regular é─˙hardcoreé─¨ riders who join in on these rides in and around Aber/Mach.
We will ride for 2-2Č? hours depending on the people who join us, at a social pace. Please feel welcome to join us at any time.

justal - 24-2-2009 at 08:40

Plans are afoot for a ride at Coed y Brenin on Friday, so that those of use doing the Mawddach Goldrush can see what we're letting ourselves in for.

Obviously all are welcome whether you are doing the race or not. No definite plans yet, but I think we'll probably say to get there for 1.30pm so that we have time to do once around the Tarw trail followed by either another go around the Tarw or a quick blast around the shorter Temtiwr trail.


justal - 26-2-2009 at 16:53

Shem... Are you still planning on meeting me at Coed-y-Brenin tomorrow??


shem - 26-2-2009 at 18:12

Hi Al, ye Im keen, Ive gotta go in to uni and do a couple of hours, but am hoping to be leaving between 11 and 12, which shoudl work out nice for getting the hour down the road to meet you. have u got a puncture repair kit or spare tube, I left minbe at home accidentally. Ill call u when Im leaving uni, can u take your mobile with you? (strange concept for you I know)lol

justal - 26-2-2009 at 18:31

Yep, I'll have a spare tube and a puncture repair kit... and i'll stick an extra spare tube in as well..

I'll try to remember to take my mobile as well.. If I can find it!!