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Long, exposed sandy beach backed by pebbles.
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15th Apr 2004
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Photo of Borth beach - Full on Power at Ynyslas
 by: justal
Photo of Borth beach - Windsurfing Borth
 by: justal
Photo of Borth beach - Borth buggying and boarding
Photo of Borth beach - Borth  sept 2006
Photo of Borth beach - Borth sept 2006

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The three miles of sand is backed for the most part by a pebble storm beach, and to the north by dunes. The south end of the beach houses the RNLI station and a small slipway. The beach then extends for approximately 3 miles northwards. The first two miles or so of this is intersected by groynes. There are lifeguards on duty during the summer months near the toliet block in the middle of the beach.

There are dog walking restriction in force during the summer months between the Lifeboat Station slipway and the toilet block in the middle of the beach.

The main areas for surfing or other sports are as follows.

Lifeboat Station.
Surfing at most states of the tide and in most winds.

This is the area in the far south corner of Borth (funnily enough by the RNLI station). The hill to the south tends to protect the beach slightly from SW winds, and southerly winds can often swing around the hill to produce cross-offshore conditions. Needless to say, if the rest of the beach is blown out, then this is the area to head for surf. The wave is fairly slow and being a beach break there is no definite peak or direction. Although, waves do tend to break left of the rocks in the corner and there is often a right-hander just off the first groyne. Generally though, as waves tend to come from SW swells, waves all along the beach hit it at a slight angle and break left. On big swells, all states of the tide are surfable, but the steepening beach at high tide can produce backwash and very short waves. At low tide, the point is also surfable, its an easy, slow left-hander.

Mid Beach.
Surfing at most states of tide and in most winds.

Often, there can be good waves in the centre of the beach, both just offshore from the toilets, and also in front of the Youth Hostel (basically the last house in Borth). However, there is little difference between the waves along the whole length of the beach here.

Golf course Car Park.
Surfing in offshore winds.
Kite-mountain boarding.

If you drive north through Borth and along the straight road between the golf course, you come to Ynyslas, the road then bears to the right.... Don't bear right, but go straight on, just after this junction is the entrance to the 'Golf Course Car park'. This is where most of us tend to congregate.

This area of the beach catches more swell than elsewhere, but is also the most affected by the wind. However, the windsurfing here is excellent at all states of the tide (except maybe extreme high tides). You can rig up in the sheltered car park on grass and then enjoy excellent bump & jump conditions in the cross-onshore winds. NW winds produce nice conditions as do SW winds which bring more swell with them. Westerly winds are directly onshore. Winds with an easterly element are also good, but only if its really windy as the winds tend to become disrupted by the dunes and can be gusty.

This area is also the place of choice for landsailing and kiting and the steady winds produce good conditions, and the hard flat sands exposed as the tide drops are ideal. The groynes that prevent longshore drift along the southern two-thirds of the beach also stop here which is an added bonus for the 'sand-based' sports.

Generally, it is a cool, safe place to hang out, especially in the sunshine, and providing there's a little wind, you can usually find something to amuse yourself (if you have the right toys).

Borth Bog.
Windsurfing in Speed Channel in dead Westerlies or dead Easterlies... Yet to be tested..
Sports Suitability
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Surf Conditions at Borth can be OK
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Buggying Conditions at Borth can be Excellent
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Borth can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Borth can be Excellent
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Windsurfing at Borth Kitesurfing at Borth
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Posted By: Joe

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Al's description hits it spot on. I've had some of my very best sessions from this location. I always enjoyed the rigging in the grass, somewhat wind sheltered by the little dam. On the water I have stailed in waves more than head high, scary but fun, as I never had to go out alone. In sunny conditions it is really lovely!

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