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Beachguide » South Shields
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South Shields

Mainly sandy beach
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16th Aug 2007
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Southshields has extensive beaches and the Leas, which stretches along more than three miles of the town's coastline, it is a National Trust protected area. Marsden Bay, with its famous Marsden Rock, is one of the largest seabird colonies in UK.

The beach is normally clean and is free from rocks (except at the extremities by the pier and down at Trow) so you don't have to worry about any hazards. The beach has been flattened at the low tide mark by the council meaning it is shallow for wuite a way out. You have nearly a mile of open sand to play on so if you drift off along the beach its just a walk or drag back.

The best thing is that (unless prolonged strong Northerlies through to S'Easterlies) there is only a small tide running along the beach.

Light to moderate SE'lies are great here as they push you away from Trow rocks and keep you in the middle of the beach. Offshore winds are generally more gusty but keep the water flat for speedier sessions really close in.

If you decide to sail in the harbour watch out for the tides. On the ebb tide the water flows anti-clockwise round the bay and clockwise on the flood. Once you get a hundred metres off the beach it tends to lessen off but is always noticable here.

There are also the remains of 2 piers on the mid tide mark up by the Groyne Pier. Wednesday nights are racing nights at the sailing club so there will be a rescue craft out or 2.
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Windsurfing Conditions at South Shields can be Good
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Kitesurfing Conditions at South Shields can be Good
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