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Beachguide » Camber Sands
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Camber Sands

Large sandy beach at mid/low tide with groynes at high tide
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19th Jun 2009
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Camber is a fantasic beach, it works best on the prevailing South Westerly. There are Groynes at high tide making it unusable two hours either side of high tide.
For kitesurfing and windsurfing use the free pebble car park at broomhill as this is where the watersports and kite zone is. When you are in the car park facing out to sea you will see a chequered flag to your right, this is the edge of the zone, keep to the East of this!

Check this website for detailed information about the restrictions:

At mid to low tide the beach is great! Lots of sand to set up on and loads of space. Once the sea passes the groynes the beach is very shallow shelving so the water is not very deep for a long way out. In light winds the waves are pretty small but can get up to 6' out the back when its 30 mph.

The tide goes out about 400m on a spring and about 200m on a neap. On the way in it fills up lagoons which can last a few hours on a neap and are super flat.

The beach is dead during the week but can get quite busy at weekends.
Sports Suitability
Surfing starstarstar
Surf Conditions at Camber Sands can be Excellent
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Buggying Conditions at Camber Sands can be Excellent
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Camber Sands can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Camber Sands can be Excellent
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Camber Sands Kitesurfing at Camber Sands
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