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Large sandy beach backed by high sea wall.
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9th May 2004
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Crosby has a large sandy beach with a high sea wall behind it.

As with other beaches in this area, it also has a large tidal range and conditions are dependent upon the state of the tide. It is good for windsurfing and kitesurfing although there are no real waves for surfing.

The best place to sail from is the car park by the lifeboat station and although most states of the tide can be sailed, it can be a long walk to the water at low tide and on big high tides the water comes right up to the sea wall making access to the water difficult. It is however a good location for generally blasting around, especially in southerly winds. It doesn't get busy here and you are likely to be the only person out sailing.

Lifeguards are on duty in the summer and there is parking and cafes nearby.
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Posted By: justal

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"Another Place" installation on Crosby Foreshore stops water access!

Just found this piece of information that I thought should be shared here....

You may not be aware but the Crosby coastline is now closed to all watersports. The South Sefton Development Trust, having "consulted" with local water users ( the word bollocks springs to mind here) have now installed a "sculpture" in the form of 100 life-size cast-iron figures in the sea which are revealed at various states of the tide. The area closed is from Seaforth docks all the way up to the river Alt. The installation will be in place until November 2006 and if you wish to go and see them bear in mind that in response to the "large number of visitors the project will bring to the area" Sefton council have closed the only public toilets by the coastguard station.
SSD have shown utter contempt for water users. The only good news is that the Crosby marine Park Rangers are spending all their time trying to stop the figures being vandalised. Obviously I cannot condone vandalism such as undoing the mounting bolts, spray painting, or cross-dressing the figures.
What do you think?
If you feel strongly you might like to let SSD know: South Sefton Development Trust, 45 Merton Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 7AP. 0151 285 5280
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