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Beachguide » Morecambe Bay
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Morecambe Bay

A busy holiday resort that has recently been updated and improved.
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9th May 2004
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Morecambe Bay is on the Fylde coast of Lancashire, easily accessible from the M6 Motorway. Its a busy holiday resort that has recently been updated and improved and is now a cultural centre visited by millions. This sandy beach overlooks the stunning Morecambe Bay and is great for all the family. In the South of Morecambe is the Stone Jetty which has some wonderful Tern Project sculptures and pavement games. Plenty of local amenities close to this beach including shops and cinema. The beach is easily accessible with great parking facilities available.

Morecambe Bay offers a range of locations for windsurfing, kite-surfing and kite-buggying (or mountainboarding). The area has huge tides so all these activities and the best places to go depend very much on the state of the tide.

Most locals tend to congregate at The Battery before deciding where to actually go from. The battery itself offers good sailing on mid to high tides, although on large spring tides the water gets too high and landing spots are few and far between, Low tide is sailable, but it can be a long walk to the water. There can also be a nice wave here that breaks off the large rock groyne. Otherwise though The Battery offers bump and jump windsurfing conditions or flat water blasting in SW through NW to NE winds. The Battery is also the usual place for kitesurfing in Morecambe Bay, but its best to wait for the tide to drop a little so that there is enough room on the beach for launching and landing.

Teal Bay is the spot to head for when high spring tides make The Battery unsailable. This location offers bump and jump sailing or kitesurfing in SW through NW to NE winds.

At low tide people tend to head either for the Heliport or the Lifeboat Station.

The Lifeboat Station is usually the best bet as it is safer and more reliable. It offers flat water blasting in big lagoon, although the wind can be gusty.

The Speed Course or Heliport can only be sailed at low tide on certain tides. There is flat water behind a large sandbank, and swells breaking on the sand bank. Rips are strong here and it is difficult to judge the water depth.

Parking is possible at most of these locations, but you need a Waterside Car Park Pass (£10 from the local council). All the amenities you could ever need can be found in Morecambe itself and accomodation, pubs etc. are close at hand to all the launch sites except Middleton Sands.
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Author:Beachguide Comments » Morecambe Bay
Posted By: John MCCurrie

Member#: 1377
Registered: 21-06-2005
Last Visit: 19-07-2005

Morecambe Bay

Presently there are no signs warning the public of kite flying on the beach. I am informed by collegues that there will be some type of control in the future, due to the fatality on St Annes Beach at Blackpool South. Kite surfing doesnt pose a danger to the wandering public, it will just be the south beach at the Battery likely to be affected.
Posted By: Surly Bonds

Member#: 1524
Registered: 12-10-2005
Last Visit: 16-10-2005

The Battery

The Battery is increasingly the spot to sail from on the Bay. Deposition of sand/mud on the leeward side of the groynes means that you can sail it higher tides now (9m or more) and the lumpy bits seem to be getting even better, presumably as a a result of changing seabed profiles.

You also have a large area in which do your thang, with quite big variations in wave conditions at different spots as tide heights/wind directions change.

Recommend it highly once it hits 5-metre weather. The fact that there have been more people out there over the last few months is something of an endorsement!
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