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Beachguide » Hythe & Sandgate
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Hythe & Sandgate

Pebble beach, recently re-furbished for sea defences
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10th May 2004
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Hythe and Sansgate is a lovely lovely area to visit.

There is unrestricted parking along the seafront, and a good area to set up, bbq etc. Windsurfing can be excellent, with lots of local support and a local kite & sail shop for your bits and pieces.

Camping is available just along the coast.

The alrge sweeping nature of this bay gives you the a bility to move 20 mins in either direction for different winds. (Hythe is in a huge bay). There are also other sandy beaches nearby (10 mins) for Northerly or Easterly variants of wind. Low tide is always a good time, with nice sets but not enough to surf. Some surfing about 15 mins North near Folkestone harbour, personally I wouldn't bother!

Sandgate = rocks at low tide, go to Hythe for sand at base of beach. Sandgate is good at high to medium tide with sail and kite friendly bars and locals. Great new promenade being installed so you can m/bike, roller blade, walk kids for miles!
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Kitesurfing Conditions at Hythe & Sandgate can be Excellent
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Posted By: preacherman

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A word of caution. A lot of the SW stretch of coast from Hythe is MOD owned and used as a firing range. Unless you know about it, it is very easy to sail into an unmarked restricted area. I've been hauled over by the Police for this despite the fact that I launched from Hythe and didn't sail very far. Not a very nice experience to know that you've had a bunch of guns trained on you and then to get a severe talking to by the rozzers.
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