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Beachguide » Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay)
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Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay)

Large wide bay of white sand. Soft in places. Water shallow at high tide
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5th Jul 2004
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Photo of Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) beach - Uig Bay
 Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay)
 by: sprogg
Photo of Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) beach - Uig Sands
 Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay)
 by: justal

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Kite shop locally. Friendly locals. Beach Virtually empty. At high tide the whole nbay is covrered in crystal clear water a bout 2 ft deep. Most wind directions are good. Great for kite surfing as the water is mostly very smooth. Sand is a bit soft in places at low tide so buggys need wide wheels to make the most of the size of the beach.
Specialised kite holidays available in area. There is an excellent surfing beach only 5 miles away.
Sports Suitability
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Surf Conditions at Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) are Not Good
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Buggying Conditions at Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) can be OK
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Windsurfing Conditions at Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) can be Excellent
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay) Kitesurfing at Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay)
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Author:Beachguide Comments » Ardroil Sands (Uig Bay)
Posted By: justal

Member#: 1
Registered: 21-07-2002
Last Visit: 16-10-2021

Mood: Just Chillin
Whats in a name

I'm assuming this is Uig bay on Lewis... Never heard it called Ardroil Sands before. As with all Hebridean beaches, the 'crystal clear' turquoise waters described just have to be seen to be believed.

Let me know if this wasn't the correct Uig Sands as I'm about to add some photos to the listing.

As well as being good for kiting and windsurfing, its also a cool place to walk around at low tide.

Oh, and the surf beach mentioned is probbaly Cliff (Valtos) or Mhangurstadh....Both go OFF!!!!. I'll add a description of these soon.

Posted By: sprogg

Member#: 844
Location: Isle of Lewis
Registered: 02-07-2004
Last Visit: 18-01-2007

Mood: chilled

It is Uig Bay, officially it is called Ardroil. There is excellent surfing at Cliff beach. Kite surfing is superb at Ardoil and at Reef beach further up the road from Cliff.
The kite shop, offer training, equipment and accommodation. Top place and they have had the best weather in the UK for weeks.
Posted By: Froggy

Member#: 62
Registered: 28-09-2002
Last Visit: 16-12-2007


I'm off up there in a couple of weeks and am staying at the western Isles kiteco for 3 days. I went a few years ago and camped which was fine, but I had no no toys :-(
- this time I'll be taking Dirtsurfer & Kitewing (hope the sand isnt too soft) and also my Wave Warrior (7.5m Kitewing for water). Not sure I can fit my Windsurfer kit in as well, but boy am I looking forward to that!! - I'll post some pix when I get back (If I come back!)
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