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Beachguide » Burghead Bay
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Burghead Bay

Shallow crescent shaped bay
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7th Feb 2005
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Burghead Beach is approx 5 miles east of Findhorn bay and can be great for Kitesurfing. On a good day (generally a Westerly) the wind is straight onshore and sees at least two or three resident kitesurfers.

Access is straightforward, just follow the signs to the harbour and park up by the beach.


Remaining very shallow for a long way out it can be quite a walk out to a launchable position if you have large fins on your board. However it stays shallow for at least a hundred feet out to sea and is therefore a great place to learn.

With a strong northerly though it gets VERY choppy which can be quite ominous. But this also allows a good surfer to reach easterly right along the beach for as long as they want to (all the way to Findhorn if needs be!)


The bay is also littered with rocks which can be a nightmare to the buggier but can be avoided if the kitesurfer stays out from shore a hundred yards or so. It is also not the flattest of beaches at low tide, leading to several large pools and inlets of shallow water. This can make setting up a tricky procedure as only long thin strips of sand are left dry.

Another point to remember is that Burghead Harbour also lies directly to the east and a strong northwesterly can put a beginner either back to to the beach or straight into the harbour wall.


As stated above, at low tide there is still a lot of water on this beach, but just pick somewhere on the beach directly in front of the main causeway leading down.
The area immediately to the left at the bottom of this ramp also stays dry the longest if you get there early or stay out too late!!


There is of course the bright lights of Burghead to savour with its many different cultures and cuisines, sparkling nightlife and plethora of museums and other tourist attractions. Well actually there is just a SPAR but what more could you want. There is actually a public toilet at the harbour but just go in your wetsuit like everybody else; your swimming in the local residents' piss anyway!

In the end this isnt the greatest kitesurfing venue in Scotland but it is a smasher in a Westerly or North Westerly. The locals have nothing at all against the kitesurfers here and will often come to have a chat. Please be friendly so it stays this way. So come on down to Burghead'll never leave.
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Author:Beachguide Comments » Burghead Bay
Posted By: local kiter

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rocks, launching and harbour wall

Indeed a good spot from low to mid-tide. Two hours before high tide and after there is hardly launching space left though, so be extremely careful in gusty and high wind conditions when launching! At high tide the chop can be a bit annoying, but can be ok.

Also the rocks have become more and more a pain, as they are often covered with seaweed, hence slippery and you can ruin your fins or even worse your board or your bones if you're not careful.
Checkout the beach at low tide.

Finally keep a safe distance to the harbour wall at all times and the concrete blocks at the wall.

If you take these things on board you can have most excellent kitesurfing here.

ps: some 'local kitesurfers' prefer Ardersier near Inverness for kitesurfing in W to SW, but Burghead offers more space for kiters and much better water quality than Ardersier.
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