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Beachguide » Pendine Sands
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Pendine Sands

Six miles of flat hard sand with access from Pendine village at the Western end and Ginst Point from the East.
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11th Aug 2006
Amenities Available
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Photo of Pendine Sands beach - PENDINE
 Pendine Sands
Photo of Pendine Sands beach - PENDINE
 Pendine Sands
Photo of Pendine Sands beach - Pendine Sands looking East from Pendine
 Pendine Sands
 by: simonqmorris

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No strong tides, dangerous currents or rocks. Parking available all year round in Pendine village.

The sand is about as good as it gets. This beach was used to stage five succesful World Land Speed Records in the 1920's at speeds of around 170mph. It's long and flat enough to land Hercules military transport aircraft on (and they have)

The bulk of the beach is owned by the MoD and is normally closed to the public between 7am to 5pm most weekdays (although there are exceptions). The beach is normally fully open at weekends and for Bank holidays.

Parking on the beach can be arranged by prior agreement with Carmarthen County Councils Beach Ranger department. The sand is perfect for all wind sports although kitesurfers may have to carry their kit out about a quarter mile at low tide.

Pendine village has good facilities for a resort of its size. There are a couple of good pubs, an off-license, post office, a few gift shops, several cafes and fish & chip shops along with some more up market restaurants for those who don't want 'something and chips'!

There are several camp sites in the local vicinity. There are no restrictions on overnight parking (although the car park gates are locked at 10pm and opened at 5:30am.
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Kitesurfing Conditions at Pendine Sands can be Excellent
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Author:Beachguide Comments » Pendine Sands
Posted By: simonqmorris

Member#: 2301
Registered: 18-08-2006
Last Visit: 26-11-2009

Access to beach

Access to the beach is managed by the Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club
Posted By: oldkingkole

Member#: 8346
Registered: 28-05-2009
Last Visit: 28-05-2009


Pendine has chosen to be most unwelcoming for visitors as far as I can see. The arrangements for parking a car are extreemly difficult and there is an amusing hobby amongst residents or reporting the tiniest overstay or transgression to the police. So watch out.
Posted By: Fluffy-lou

Member#: 8771
Registered: 21-01-2010
Last Visit: 21-01-2010

Kite buggying / kite landboarding and landyachting at Pendine

In order to kite landboard, kite buggy or landsail at Pendine you must be a member of CLSC.

Please visit our website for further information:
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