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Beachguide » Newton Bay (Porthcawl)
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Newton Bay (Porthcawl)

Relatively sheltered sandy beach with some rocks.
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25th Apr 2004
Amenities Available
parking camping cafes
Photo of Newton Bay (Porthcawl) beach - NEWTON LOOKING
 Newton Bay (Porthcawl)
 by: kelvin
Photo of Newton Bay (Porthcawl) beach - newton
 Newton Bay (Porthcawl)
 by: kelvin

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Newton Bay is a shallow, safe, sandy bay with a car park near the beach and plenty of accomodation, shops, pubs and cafes available in Porthcawl. To find Newton Bay, take junction 37 from the M4 and follow the A4229 to Porthcawl. As you come into Porthcawl, turn right onto the A4106 and follow the signs for Newton Bay.

It can get quite busy on the beach during the summer months, but at low thide there is plenty of room.

The waters can provide perfect windsurfing conditions, especially for beginners and intermediates. In Easterly and NE winds, the wind is accelerated by the valley and winds can be stronger here than elsewhere. These offshore winds produce excellent flat water blasting conditions (especially in NE's) for those competent enough to be sailing in offshore winds. In such conditions it is possible to sail to Ogmore-By-Sea and back. In the more common SW to NW winds, high tide results in relatively flat water slalom blasting conditions, which are also good for beginners. At low tide there may be a bit more of a wave and bump and jump conditions exist.
All in all a good location for most tastes, with less waves than other nearby beaches, but more wind and certainly the place to head for less experienced windsurfers.

There can be surf here, but it is generally smaller and of lesser quality than that at Ogmore or Southerndown.

The shallow relatively flat water can make this a good beach to kitesurf from.
Sports Suitability
Surf Conditions at Newton Bay (Porthcawl) are Unknown
Buggying Conditions at Newton Bay (Porthcawl) are Unknown
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Newton Bay (Porthcawl) can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Newton Bay (Porthcawl) can be Excellent
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Newton Bay (Porthcawl) Kitesurfing at Newton Bay (Porthcawl)
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE

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Author:Beachguide Comments » Newton Bay (Porthcawl)
Posted By: griptool

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This advice is on Kelvins website />
"First time sailors are advised to arrive around low tide and will then be able to see the extent of the outcrops on either sides of the bay, and then sail with the incoming tide which can produce some reasonable waves in SW winds."

This is sound advice kelvin

Cost of ignoring kelvins advice-- bent boom, damaged board (gouged bottom on front rocker - cracked fin box), damaged fin and sore elbow.

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