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Large crescent shaped bay
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27th Apr 2004
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The large crescent shaped bay of Allonby offers good windsurfing and kite-surfing conditions for intermediates or experienced.

There are lots of reports by locals of this area being one of the windiest in Britain. Most wind directions from Northerly through West to Southerly are good, and Easterly winds although gusty can produce offshore speed sailing conditions.When really windy small waves can form, but this isn't really a wave-sailing location. There can also be strong currents so it is not recommended for beginners. It is only possible to sail at high tide and as the water goes a long way out, it is advisable to check the tide tables before you travel. At low tide, the sands are good for kite-buggying, although there are a few patches of pebbles. The sands are backed by dunes which are a nice place to hang out and enjoy the views across the Solway Firth to Scotland.
There is a car park by the beach and toilets, shops and accomodation are available nearby.
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Author:Beachguide Comments » Allonby
Posted By: zebedee23

Member#: 488
Registered: 30-12-2003
Last Visit: 07-07-2005


Allonby is just 2 miles from my parents house - whilst the comments are correct regarding high tide - there are two stacks of nasty rocks that are totally covered when the tide is in (only one stack in the main windsurfing area) - it is well worth checking exactly where this is because if the tide starts to drop and you hit them at speed, it won't be pleasant!
Posted By: me

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Registered: 07-08-2008
Last Visit: 07-08-2008

Allonby Bay

Allonby Bay is a cresent shaped bay it works best in a Southerly too a South Westerly direction, there are a number of place around the bay that you can launch from dependate on wind direction. The rocks (stacks) and currents are no worst than other locations that I sailed, the main report looks like it was written by person who drove passed without stopping, I live locally and have sailed here since 1984, as has a number of other winsurfers, come and try it for yourself.
Posted By: blender

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Registered: 03-03-2009
Last Visit: 24-03-2009


You can sail Allonby at low tide, you just have a bit of a walk. Most windsurfers are or should be fit enough to carry their kit. At low tide though you would be better off going to Workington in ssw -w winds off oldside wind farm. We have had excellent conditions there. It has cleaner, managable waves and is much less choppy than Allonby and just as windy (if not windier). Allonby is best on a falling tide a couple of hours after high tide. If it is marginal and you sail an incoming tide the current can take you downwind. At high tide the beach south of Allonby is better (Crosscannonby). We have had surf here, you certainly need a wave board on a decent forecast. Allonby is also fun in a NE( Flat, offshore) but not when there is a wind shadow at high tide!
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