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Beachguide » Dinas Dinlle
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Dinas Dinlle

Lovely long sandy beach
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1st May 2004
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A long sandy beach backed by a pebble storm bank and split by a couple of rocky breakwaters at high tide. This long stretch of sand provides perfect conditions for 'forces-of-nature' sports and is a popular place for watersports enthusiasts and holidaymakers alike.

The beach is backed by several cafes and caravan sites and there are car parks all along the beach. Toilets can be found in the middle of the beach and at the southern end. The northern end of the beach backed by dunes and an airfield is much quieter and attracts fishermen.

The views across the Lleyn Peninsula and across to Llanddywyn island on Anglesey are reason enough to visit this beach. Facing virtually westerly it does pick up a bit of swell and can be surfed, but it isn't particularly consistent.

Windsurfing is a more popular sport here, with good wave sailing or bump and jump conditions in Southerly through Westerly to Northerly wind directions. The breakwaters can provide some protection from rough waters in strong SW winds and can make getting out through the whitewater on big days a little easier. Easterly winds are offshore and can provide good flat water speed sailing conditions. NE winds tend to funnel through the Menai Straits and can be stronger here than elsewhere. On large high tides, the waves break onto the pebble bank which can make launching difficult or near impossible when rough.

Kitesurfing is also possible at Dinas Dinlle with plenty of sand to launch and land from at low tide. Kite-buggying on the sands is good too.

To find it follow the signs from the A499 opposite the entrance to Glynllifon Country Park.
Sports Suitability
Surfing star
Surf Conditions at Dinas Dinlle can be OK
Buggying Conditions at Dinas Dinlle are Unknown
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Dinas Dinlle can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Dinas Dinlle can be Excellent
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Dinas Dinlle Kitesurfing at Dinas Dinlle
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If you want wind this is the place to be. I have spent many holidays here, sw and ne winds are extreme as my dad's garage is no more! You have been warned.
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