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Beachguide » Newborough Warren
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Newborough Warren

Large Sandy beach backed by extensive dunes and forests.
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27th Apr 2004
Amenities Available
parking camping cafes toilets disabled
Photo of Newborough Warren beach -
 Newborough Warren
 by: john malone
Photo of Newborough Warren beach -
 Newborough Warren
 by: john malone
Photo of Newborough Warren beach -
 Newborough Warren
 by: john malone

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Newborough Warren is a huge sand dune complex and 1,585 acre nature reserve surrounded by beaches. There are two main beaches here, Llanddwyn Bay and Malltraath Bay, divided by Llanddwyn Island.

Llandwyn Bay is a spectacular sweep of sand and has amazing views out across the mountains of the Lleyn Peninsula. Access is signposted from the A4080 in Newborough and is through a forestry commission toll road operated by a toll barrier. There is huge parking and picnic area in the trees behind the beach. Llanddwyn Bay can get some surf and offers good windsurfing conditions. The beach is generally safe but the currents can be strong near Abermenai Point so keep away.The beach itself curves around from SW facing in the middle to SSW at Abermenai point and also wraps around to face SE near Llanddwyn Island so surf and wind direction relative to the shore can change quite a bit along the beach so it could be worth a walk to get the optimum conditions. The beach is also ideal for kite buggying and kite-surfing. Few facilities are available on the beach itself, but most things are available in Newborough.

Malltraeth Bay on the other side of Llanddwyn Island is a Westerly facing beach often frequented by naturists (on warm days!!). It is quite a trek from the Newborough Warren Car park, so not really suited for windsurfing, but surfers and kiters should find quiet unspoilt conditions. The surf can be OK but is rarely great. The miles of hard packed sand make the beach ideal for kite-buggying and its remoteness mean that it is never busy. It has no facilities.
Sports Suitability
Surfing star
Surf Conditions at Newborough Warren can be OK
Buggying starstarstar
Buggying Conditions at Newborough Warren can be Excellent
Windsurfing starstarstar
Windsurfing Conditions at Newborough Warren can be Excellent
kitesurfing starstarstar
Kitesurfing Conditions at Newborough Warren can be Excellent
Wind Suitability
Windsurfing at Newborough Warren Kitesurfing at Newborough Warren
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE
NW   N   NE
SW   S   SE

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Author:Beachguide Comments » Newborough Warren
Posted By: mNeil

Member#: 276
Registered: 09-07-2003
Last Visit: 11-11-2021

Mood: looking forward to some snowbo

there are big sand bars in the bay creating huge flat pools which are great for speed runs and learning tricks,unfortunatley because it is such a great kitesurfing site it can get VERY busy especially with novice flyers; be aware of others and dont expect everyone to be as competant as yourself.
there was some problems with buggying on the beach during the high season so please contact Adam at Turbulence in llandudno junction; www.ukkiting .com before you use the beach and get the latest updates on the rules and regs.
remember to have £2 coins for the entrance fee .
the beach has a new a new toilet block and the sea is clean!
Posted By: col123

Member#: 405
Registered: 16-10-2003
Last Visit: 07-06-2017

Mood: who needs wind anyway

echo what neil says above but just a point the star rateing for s/e should be better as it can be fantastic in s/e, watch out for the mussel beds if your on an out going tide, cracking spot
Posted By: PUDDING

Member#: 2465
Registered: 07-10-2006
Last Visit: 02-04-2007


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