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Mood: don't like winter.....too dark
11th January 2004
Windsurfing: Bartley Green, Brum
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 4-6
Surf / Sea State: flat
Air Temperature: 8c
Sea Temperature: f'ing cold
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

1st sail of the year and it's only January, what a bonus - maybe I'll get a few more sessions in this year.

Arrived at Bartley at 10:30am and there were a couple of others rigging 6-6.6 sails but thinking of changing up as the wind had dropped off a touch.

Decided to rig the 6.8 as I could use it with either board. Opted for the Techno because it was so cold I wanted to be out of the water as much as poss.

On the water by 11 and before they'd even got wet my hands were gone in the biting wind. Though it was going to be the shortest session ever and wished I'd brought BEFS washing up gloves!

Typically on my first run out the wind/chop got really gnarly, doing it's best to dump me, but I just about managed to hang on. When I did finally get dumped my hands started to feel ok ... weird but there you go.

Things just got better and better from then on and as the rusty technique and cobwebs were well and truly blown away it turned a great 2hr session. Stayed on the Techno as uphauling much more preferable to waterstarting but the few waterstarts I did were the quickest ever!

Carve gybing even progressing towards the end, staying dry on most but no planing exits...seemed to lose all my speed around the rig flip. Who cares, all in all a great session to start the year.

Four stars - not bad at all considering the cold and minor injury to foot - slipped and got it stuck between mast and board during last (failed) gybe attempt. Could have been really nasty but fortunately only bruising...must get non-slip re-applied.


Toys Used:
Bic Techno 283
Arrows Burner 6.8
Neil Pryde CK35 450 (cut down 460!)



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