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Mood: who needs wind anyway
13th November 2011
Kite surfing: ynylas estuary
Wind Direction: ene
Wind Stength: 20 to 35knts
Surf / Sea State: flat
Air Temperature: ok
Sea Temperature: ok
Weather: sunny
Max Speed: 38.6 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: loads

I was working nights before today, and said to myself if i go out in the night from work i won't bother going to kite as i'll be knackered, well 8 am came and with three hours kip and two car fires a lorry fire and a house fire for good measure, my stupitdy gave in and i drove to ynyslas.

It was one of those days when your driving along thinking loverly day but hang on wheres the wind, off down the appraoch rd to borth/ynyslas and phew a kite in the air.

Got there to see Dunk coming in to downsize to a 7m, so i put up a 10m!!!

next few hours spent blasting about on the fast recceding tide, i was going for some jumps lining up a spot of flat water for the edge hard take off clench buttocks, when the wind chop would come in and kill the take off, but when you did jump, boy did you jump, one load up for a jump and just as i was sending the kite a mega gust came through and ripped me off the water leaving my board behind, and with the lesser weight, i went high, v.high, splash land later and 10 mins holding ground waiting for my board.

when the sandbanks appeared i decided to get my speed board, at this point Mike came out on his 6m, twas a bit windy with gusts that rip your bar out your hands.

Speed board in hand and butter smooth water i had about 40mins doing speed runs, with a peak of 38.6knts and an average of 36.2..brillant feeling going those speeds but just when you want more you run out of flat water and try to stop arse skiddy style.

worth the drive the water by 1.40 and back home for 4.30

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