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26th April 2012
Windsurfing: Antbies
Wind Direction: ene?
Wind Stength: all over the place !!!
Surf / Sea State: waves
Air Temperature: 16
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny periods
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Good night in the camper and mild too :) wind has swung 180 degrees and now blowing straight in our bay!! After breakfast and a walk to top up our water bottle and take my wind gauge – 20/25 mph from the ene I think??? We drive around to the beach we sat on yesterday on the edge of Antbies and the wind looked onshore and I could park right by the beach so decided to get the boards off for the first time in six weeks !!!! By this time a lady windsurfer has arrived just along the beach, she must have been 65 at least – so I felt right at home and some company:) As usual gear my choice is limited so I rigged my biggest freeride sail the 6.6 and took out my 100 board , well I can honestly say that was the worst wind I have ever sailed in!!!! :( and didn’t get going at all ??? Whether it was the high buildings behind or the wind coming around the headland I just couldn’t but my finger on it but it just didn’t work??? I headed for Antbies old town and there was a big rock right in the way which I missed on the way out but lost my fin on it on the way back :( The old lady windsurfer had been joined by another of the same age and neither managed to get off the beach – so it wasn’t just me but several kiters were up in the next bay along and were going okay!!! Mag returned from a nice walk to the old town and we had dinner – I tried again to get going and gave up as the water was chilly and I had got cold :( Mag had discovered where the Picasso Museum was so we walked up there and spent 12 euro’s to have a look around – call me a Philistine but a 5 year old could do better or am I missing the point???? still was good to see a lot of work from such a famous artist and it was good to read some of the history of the artist and museum. We worked back past kiter bay a real dodgey beach surrounded by rocks and castle walls where one mistake would cost you dear!!! And no good for windsurfing as the area was just too small but the kiters were having a great time especially those out on wave boards – it’s amazing how much fun you can have in a tiny space!!! Kitesurfing is the future much more fun than windsurfing must try it again but then I had a few near death experiences the last time !!! Back to our nice little bay for the third night – rough tonight and four body boarders out :) So the moral of this story is avoid geriatric corner and only sail where there are other windsurfers out!!! ype=1&l=112c704a5a ype=3&l=1bf5305e7c!/media/set/?set=a.3129837677540.2137243.101266056 2&type=1

Wednesday 25th April 2012 – walking and relaxing ***** sunny

What a day! We slept well after the French youths who turned up next door at 1 a.m. cleared off! We went for a walk and it is a beautiful day :) It is really sunny and warm. Unlike at home where it is pouring – three days worth of rain in one! The bay looked lovely and there were a few yachts out already. Saw a weird wading bird which a photographer later told us was a Picasso?? We packed up and thought we would have a look at Antibes before we left. When we drove round the corner the view of the old town was so lovely we parked up and walked along the prom, round the ramparts to the Marina. We have never been to a Marina quite like this one! If your enormous yacht/motorboat hasn’t got a helicopter on the top you are nothing!! There were at least half a dozen of these elite boats and so many British and Australian young people cleaning them it was unbelievable. One was even abseiling down the side while cleaning the rescue boat!!! We were very surprised how close they let you get to the boats. There were security cameras everywhere but even so we were able to walk very close to them. One had a Rolls Royce parked up waiting for the people on board and the man was cleaning that too! They were cleaning mad. We walked right round the Marina towards the fort – it’s obscene really all that money to so few – this must be the suck up capital of the world!!! On the way back we saw France’s answer to JLS dancing in the middle of the roundabout at the entrance to the Marina car park – there was also a man with a video camera and one holding a light reflector. There was a car parked nearby belting out their record for them to mime to and a girl with so much make up on it looked as if she had used a trowel. She was obviously bored rigid and decided to go and smoke in the car! It was hilarious to watch. They kept stopping and starting and two of the lads definitely hadn’t got the hang of the dance steps – JLS have no worries!!! We walked back to the van – again we had walked miles! We treated ourselves to some frites (2.50 Euros!!!) and had them in French bread :) We watched French life on the beach, lots of really good children playing with sand and water for hours :) Drove back to the same overnight stop as last night. Too hard to resist as its free with a view and wifi:)

Toys Used:
F2 Wizzard 262
Ezzy Infinity 6.6



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