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28th June 2013
Windsurfing: Vatersay
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Max Speed: 25.2 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 11.87 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Friday 28th June – windsurf *** then walk **** Vatersay – mainly cloudy with a little sun later.

Can’t believe it, we slept 11 hours!! Didn’t wake up until 9.30! Very foggy and murky and a bit drizzly so didn’t rush around. When it stopped drizzling we went for a walk on the lovely sandy beach and had another chat with the Irish couple (she had just been swimming in the sea!). I decided to sail on the rough wavy beach and Mag came over with the camera. Unfortunately I just got out and snapped the mast in two places!! Not a happy bunny but was happier when I realised it wasn’t the mast I need for my big board and one that was on its last legs anyway. Rigged up my other board and went sailing on the sandy beach instead. Mag helped carry the stuff back from one beach and over to the other! Must be turning into a surf chick/caddy! She spent the morning sitting in the dunes with her book and chatting to a couple from Kent with a camper van like ours. Had lunch and a rest for a while then as the weather had improved we went for a really long walk around the peninsular of Vatersay. There is a set walk but we just made it up. It is really beautiful and from the highest point you could look a fair way along the coast to the south and see Castlebay to the North, with the ferry in the dock. We were both exhausted by the time we headed back through the shanty town of Vatersay Mag had had enough and went back to make tea. I walked a bit further along the wavy beach to the Annie Jane monument which marks the start of the walk.

My windsurf report. (Fanatic Cat + Lightning 8.5 & Fanatic Cross + Ezzy 6.6)

As we were parked by the road to Vatersay with a open sea rolling surf beach on side and a sheltered flattish water bay the other I was spoiled for choice!!! As the wind was onshore and strongest on the surf side I decided to try the waves – not like me! I didn’t think it was windy enough for 5.6 so went with the 6.6, not the best size but I needed to beat out of the surf. Mag helped me carry the gear to the beach and I set off into the big sea. It was slow going with the waves pushing you back up the beach and I only managed to get going a short way before a wave knocked me in, my mast stuck in the sand and I broke both the top and bottom section and put a small hole in the sail :( So that was my wave sailing over for the day as I couldn’t risk breaking anymore masts!!! So we had to carry my kit back to the van. I then decided to try the offshore side which wasn’t ideal with the winds being gusty and we had to carry my raceboard and 8.5 a few hundred metres to the beach. I rigged up quickly and set off into the crystal clear waters of the bay and spent an okay hour terrorizing the Razorbills and managed a 25 kt peak in the lumpy water. The wind was very gusty next to nothing one minute and then 20 + mph the next but it was a beautiful spot the sail surrounded by lovely green hills :) It was tiring so I was beating back when I hit a mooring bouy rope and my mast popped out of the board!!! I managed to swim to retrieve my board and replace the mast even if the uj was broken – so that 2 ujs and 2 sections of mast broken and a hole a sail – turning into an expensive trip:(

Toys Used:
Fanatic Cross cx 100 60 x 255
Fanatic Mega Cat 380 III 380
Ezzy Infinity 6.6
Tushingham Lightning 8.5



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