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Registered: 27-05-2007
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10th May 2014
Windsurfing: The Dip-Felixstowe
Wind Direction: sw
Wind Stength: 20/25
Surf / Sea State: big
Air Temperature: 15
Sea Temperature: 10
Weather: sunny periods
Max Speed: 27.5 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 6.5 :( (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

With our van being repaired I was a bit limited where I could go, there was a demo day at Dovercourt but the direction was not great there and I couldn't get my gear to Southend so when my mate Neil Hurrell rang and said he was coming to Felixstowe and he could take my trailer to the beach :) It was a miserable start to the day and the forecast of sunshine and showers with the wind swinging about picking somewhere to sail was the biggest problem.With no one about we ended up going to The Dip where the wind was cross shore mand fingers crossed that it wouldn't go off ??? There was only 5 of us there :( so Neil and Roger rigged 5.7, Swainy went for 5.4,James Bushnell 5.2 and it didn't seem that windy - after looking at my 5.6 it had a broken battern so I took a chance with my 6.4 on my 100 lt board and it was okay but the sea rough and not much fun :( I tried the 5.6 on my wave board but just couldn't get it going and when I slipped off - needed some wax !!! I put a hole in my sail !!! - small board/sail sailing is not for me unless it's on flatwater !! We had 3 sailors turn up but they decided to go to the Fludgers and with the wind now swinging all over the place and up and down too it was a bad day :( I then had ago on the old Xantos and got my fastest runs but it was hard sailing straight into big waves. It then rained really hard and the wind dropped so I called it a day. Thank goodness I am working tomorrow on a road closesure for the ladies British bike race finish at Bury - looking forward to it :)
Toys Used:
F2 Xantos 295 133
Fanatic Cross cx 100 60 x 255
F2 Wave 264
Naish Evolution 5.6
Tushingham x-15 6.4



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