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17th April 2004
Windsurfing: Brighton
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: Force 4 Then Force 5+
Surf / Sea State: Flat then 3-4ft
Air Temperature: 10 or 12?
Sea Temperature:
Weather: Sunny, like my disposition
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Well it's nice to be writing something because it seems like no-one has sailed for ages. The lack of entries here suggests there hasn't been much wind about lately.
I hope you got on the water today.
Loads of people sailed in Brighton and Shoreham and other beaches in the south east today. After the wind had been flagged all week we originally thought the windy day would be Sunday. Then last night it was clear that the weather was moving in rather sooner.
As I headed out to the Basher Beach Hut this morning my mate Steve, the deck chairs man on Brighton seafront, was optimistically putting out his chairs. I shouted at him that he would soon be putting them away again but he affectionately stuck his finger up and said; "Look, it's supposed to get sunny"
"Yes, and windy " I replied. But he didn't hear.
True enough, the wind started to pick up in Brighton at about midday, once the tide had started to drop. The high cloud was taking a while to burn through but we knew we were on for a good sail and the phone was ringing non-stop. (Did I want to go to Shoreham? – No I'm hoping for waves right here...)
It was sailable on 7m rigs by midday but I waited for the sunshine and – too right – at 3pm we were flying on 6m sails.
The water started flat so I went out on my Freeestyle board and pulled off a few Vulcans which I've been practising lately. By 4pm however, I was overpowered and, with the tide still dropping, the waves picked up to 3 or 4 foot. I spent the rest of the day on a floaty (80 Litres?) waves board and a 5.7m wave sail, although I could have been on a 5.2 at times. Not the bast waves but you could jump from one too another, landing BEYOND the next set with a full-speed floater.
My mate Simon came out to join me on his 5.7 too but sadly after an hour or two he managed to get rolled by a rogue wave near the end of the pier and he ripped his sail.
I sailed on until about 6.30pm when the wind began to ease a little. This was probably the 'sea breeze' component of the wind which was switching off as the sun went low – a sea breeze which, though weak on such a cold day, had been enough to make a potentially dull sail great.
And we should see much more of these sea breeze and thermal top- ups here over the coming 12 weeks or so.
If you want to get really excited then check out the excellent forecast for the next week. Can't wait!
Warm enough today for a summer suit! Dontcha just love this time of year?
Steve, the deck chair man doesn't. He'd packed his chairs away by mid-afternoon and didn't look too happy...

I'm writing this late saturday night and there's now a gale blowing outside and it's tipping it down with rain. Will we get a sail tomorrow?
Probably not...It's gonna blow itself out.


Toys Used:
K Bay Custom wave Big
JP Freestyle 101
Tushingham Storm 6.0m
Tushingham Rock 5.7m



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