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28th July 2017
Windsurfing: Felixstowe Fludyers
Wind Direction: WSW
Wind Stength: F4-6+
Surf / Sea State: rough
Air Temperature: warm
Sea Temperature: warm
Weather: warm cloudy
Max Speed: 26.26 kts (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 16.8nm (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Low tide and West wind made the choice easy - Fludge as the Hurrells, Rog, Strawbs, Paul, Andy M and Brian made the venue.
It was windy at the 11 arrival which was a bit late really as the sea was flatter at low. Rog / Hurrells were out on 7 / 6.5. The wind was increasing but chanced my 7M Severne R5 SL sail / Goya 130 freerace. Strawb still beat me to the water but only by 10 mins! Shot off the beach in a F5 and big seas, and was grossly overpowered. Luckily made the first gybe off a wave and prayed it was just a gust. The sea was big further out and combined with lobster pots made things tricky. One more run and gave up as couldn't sheet in at all. Completely the wrong kit, the guys did say, 100L max. Coming on the same paths as others I went out of control and clipped the rocks wiping out an expensive KPRC 42 fin acquired with a board - gutted. Not enjoying it at the mo. Rigged 6.2 Hellcat / JP Magic ride 110L and that was perfect. The wind was howling and the sea big, but with the sail flattened and the board sticking like glue to the water the big wave rides were good coming in. Almost 100% gybes on the inside but 50% on the big chop / wave outside. Craig had 25/26 kts runs which was crazy in the conditions, so decide to increase my measly 24's. Rog, Paul and Neil were playing waves. Flat sections were opening near the beach, so tried going high then hammering the beach, whilst remembering to miss the rocks! Tide coming in covered them a bit more thankfully. That produced a 26.1. Did the same after the gybe run totally broad as only had 50 meters or so of flat - hit 26.26 before slamming a monster wave at full pelt going straight over the top and completely winded as still in harness. Didn't try anymore and gave Craig the days honours. We had several burn ups and again pretty even when we are both powered up. Def his Screamer is as fast as my current generation wide style JP Magic ride 110L. The Magic ride is a very nice smooth piece of kit, so wouldn't swop - but Craig wouldn't swop his old school Screamer either. Brian had a mare day, as the wind was really up to F6 and he should have been on 5.7 instead of 6.4, and the sea didn't improve. Playing waves coming in was great for me, with no worries of losing ground. Wished the wind would drop a bit though. All had a good time. Andy M turned up and rigged 6 which was too much, as the wind again increased to F6+ and drove him off the water. Sand was blowing along the beach, sending the few beach bods running for cover. My trailer blew backwards inches from the prom edge and a disaster fall 4ft down to the beach. Fortunately I had the rear stabiliser down, as the tyre had rolled over my screw driver wedgey, so wont do that again! Gave it 5 stars cos rigging the right kit as always, makes for a good sail. Watch stats showed the 3 hrs session burnt 2645 cals with Craig recording 4000 cals! he covered a huge 40 miles which in big waves is good going. These watches are great for workout stats. Settled the bones back at the steam room which was well hot.

Toys Used:
JP Magic Ride Pro 111L
Neil Pryde HELL CAT 6.2
MAUI SRS 75% C_const curve 430
MK Carbon CP2 160 - 220
MK CPX 160 - 210
JP 38 Magic Ride 38cm
Rip Curl E Bomb 4/3/2



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