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3rd March 2018
Windsurfing: Almerimar
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 8/15
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: mainly cloudy with rain later
Max Speed: 19.53 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 1 (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Saturday 3rd March Ė windsurf * Almerimar Ė mainly cloudy with rain later :( SW 8/15

19.53 kt max., 10.73 kt ave., 0.83 kt hr., 0.00 mile, 1.70 km., 4.94 kt alpha.

F2 Stoke 117 + Tushingham Lightning 7.8 and 38 cm fin.

Another horrendously windy night, we are getting feed up with it now, in fact the weather has generally turned crap! We were fairly sheltered in the no campervan carpark so it was just noisy and woke with the strong winds gone. The best thing was watching the cattle egrets in the playing field behind the van. They are very funny:)This is a popular spot with locals and visitors alike and most seemed to know each other. There seemed a lot of talking about it, preening their lovely dyed blond hair in van windows and checking their wind gauges but no rigging action! Mag went for an early morning stroll along the graffitied, derelict prom covered in dog mess and rubbish, she was not impressed:( With no windsurfers out we decided to go for a stroll around the large marina, starting off along the beach which has the harbour wall to the left and a rock breakwater to the right meaning there is a surfy break close in. Mag saw an expert paddle boarder having fun also a couple of surfers. The kites were just being launched as we reached the harbour wall. Sadly, the beach was full of plastic rubbish that had been blown there from the tomato farms. We know that this is their main income locally and we all like tomatoes at a £1 a punnet but it a shame they leave so much crap laying around just to get blown into the sea:( There is a large camper aire on the quay with hook up for 10 Euros a night. The marina meanders around the town, a strange mix of open bars and shops but also large areas that have been built and never occupied it all looked a little sad. There was hardly a space in the packed marina but again it was full of rubbish even if the large mullet didnít seem to mind! Bored with the town we found an ATM and took out more cash and then found a well-stocked Spanish Mercadona supermarket to get some bits. By the time we got back there must have been at least 10 windsurfers plus kites in the little bay. The kites were going OK and the windsurfers were hardly planing but they were wave sailors or youngsters learning from the Victor Fernandez shop :) I checked the wind gauge and hummed and hared for ages whether to go out as it was very light but, in the end, I rigged big and had a go. It was a waste of time, after getting through the waves by the shore you headed to the harbour wall then turned back, next time I cleared the wall and headed out to sea but I was nervous about heading out to sea especially in the light wind and lumpy sea:( I sailed back to shore barely planing and sat on the beach watching. The only people having a good time were the kiters on small strapless wave boards riding the waves close to the shore, next to impossible to do on a windsurfer and then two freestyle foilers went out and that is the future, oh to be young again!!! Also, a couple of small kids were having fun learning to ride the waves and it was good to see lots of girls both windsurfing and kiting:)
Even if it had been windy I donít think this is a venue for me so I called it a day, packed up and then decided to explore just down the coast where some windsurfers on what looked like slalom kit were blasting. It might be breezy tomorrow so could get out there perhaps? There were campers parked everywhere, some in pay aires but also lots just wild camping. I spoke to a local who said that the police do move you on sometimes but donít fine you. We found a castle, Guardis Viejas which offered nice views of the green houses and beach which might have looked better if the sun was out! Then back down on the beach at Playa Culo de Perro several vans were parked in a deserted place so we joined them with a beachside spot. Again, the whole area is thick with rubbish from loutís lager bottles to farm rubbish, there is no hope for the area really:( Mag put on her rubber gloves and collected a bag full from in front of our van to improve the view - but it was just a drop in the ocean! We got a glimpse of the snow-covered Sierra Nevada mountains this morning and they looked magnificent but disappeared when the rain came so it doesnít look promising for a trip up there this year:(

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Toys Used:
F2 Stoke 117 250 x 64.5
Tushingham Lightning 7.8
North Silverline 180/230
Mystic  Majestic xl



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