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1st October 2023
Windsurfing: The Manor-Felixstowe
Wind Direction: SW
Wind Stength: 10/17
Surf / Sea State: smooth and lumpy!
Air Temperature: 20
Sea Temperature:
Weather: sunny periods
Max Speed: 18.04 (knots - unless stated otherwise)
Distance Covered: 27.75 mile (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Sunday 1st October – Windsurf **** The Manor at Felixstowe – sunny periods and mild.

Foil – 18.04 knot max, 17.32 knot ave, 13.06 knot hour, 16.28 knot mile, 44.48 km., 8.39 knot alpha.

Starboard Freeride 150 and a Evolution Freeride foil with a Tushingham Storm 6.5.

October has started off well, with a SW breeze 15/20 forecast and with high water around 1.30 I was hoping to get a session in in the morning. The wind strated to build so I headed down to Squiz Lane at The Manor at 9.30, Mag stayed at home today as she had big plans in the garden! The breeze wasa tad off and looked only marginal so I walked along the beach to the carpark, lightweight Ian was ready to foil with his 6.4 and Andy I think was going out on his 5.5 wing so things were not looking great for me as I am not keen on using my 7.5 as much prefer smaller sails. Returned to set-up, the flood gate was closed so I had to climb over which was OK, foil board soon ready and I took a chance with my 6.5 expecting to have to came back and rig bigger! Shortie on I launched in what light like too light winds but I managed to pump up when I reached the wind line and was surprised that the 6.5 was perfect, well for most of the time. I was just going to do some long mile and a half runs to get a good hour but as the breeze was good I decided to slowly head up the coast doing 10 long reaches including one of over 2.50 miles out to see the moored coaster ending up just past The Dip where there was on-one out on the water, just one kiter. I then started the beat back sailing to the coaster again with the second beat over 3.50 miles which got me back to the new ferris wheel, out to Wadgate and back as the wind dropped and I wobbled back. There were several out including a winger with 7m and a few on fins going OK but it was too light for me with 6.5 so deicided to pack up. It was a lovely session, just me and a few yachts, the sea picked up quite big in places and I did go in a couple of times when the foil left the water pushing too hard! Great start to the month and Mag had been none-stop in the front garden, I even managed my exercises in the back garden:)

Photo Album here

Toys Used:
Starboard  Freeride Foil 150
Tushingham Storm 6.5
MK CPX carbon 150/210
Starboard  Evolution Freeride 95-1100-500-95
Gull Vortex Shorty large



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