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29th June 2024
Hiking - Walking: Levington
Wind Direction:
Wind Stength:
Surf / Sea State:
Air Temperature:
Sea Temperature:
Weather: Sunny and hot :)
Max Speed:
Distance Covered: 3 miles (Nautical Miles - unless stated otherwise)

Saturday 29th June - walk ***** – Levington Marina past Loompit Lake – sunny and hot.

While windsurf foiling at Levington yesterday morning I saw three barges heading upriver so when I got home I checked if it was the Pin Mill barge race and discovered it was today, we usually go over to the Lev ington Marina to for breakfast and to watch the start but we were not sure if we would bother this year especially as we were having Maeva, the Granddaughter for the day! Then Saturday was another lovely day when we woke, so I suggested we pick Maeva up at 8.30 and head over. We messaged her mum and dad at 7.30 and she was up and having her breakfast so we were on, Mag had a quick shower while I packed breakfast and lunch for all, I even put the fridge on in the van, picked Maeva up and arrived at the marina at 8.50. It was a wonderful scene as we parked by the marina entrance with a birds eye view of the action, the wind was very light, the Orwell was like glass the the first of the barges were slowly heading towards us helped by the out going tide and the sky was amazing, blue with wispy clouds, just stunning! We had all the doors open in the van and Maeva had a ball I the back of our little VW campervan, I had taken some toys and she just bodged about for hours. The sting of barges about a dozen in all slowly passed us, then it was time for breakfast, Maeva helped herself to the yummy chocolate cereal:) Then at 10.45 it was time for a walk as Maeva needed a sleep, we set off through the trees at the end of the Marina and around to the wooden boardwalk in front of the office leading to the footpath that runs the legth of the marina through more trees, a bit up and down. Maeva dozed off before we reached Loompit Lake which had loads of swan and someone fly fishing. There was a group of racing yachts lining up to race with a little more breeze now, we decided to carry on the the seat that looks back up the Orwell on the cliff, on of the best views in Suffolk. We sat onn the bench for a bit as Maeva woke up before slowly ambling back, just brilliant, we are so lucky to live here in Suffolk! Back at the van its time for lunch and the barges are returning from their race along with loads of yachts looking great with colourful spinackers! Maeva is once again full of beans and enjoying a perfect summers day! We left the maria about 1.45 and headed for home, definitely a 5 star day. At home Mag took Maeva up the town while I sorted photos but although dead o nher feet Maeva refused to have a nap, her Dad picked her up at 7 and she was asleep before she got home, I think we will all sleep for a week – the perfect day:)

Photo Album here

Pin Mill Barge Race

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