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7th September 2003
Windsurfing: Durban Bay Site
Wind Direction: NE
Wind Stength: 25-30knots
Surf / Sea State: messy but small swell
Air Temperature: 25
Sea Temperature: 24
Weather: Clear becoming partly cloud
Max Speed:
Distance Covered:

Another shocker.

Watched the guys having a good time at Vetch's but couldn't join them because my small (5.4) was trashed last time. All I had was the 6.5 and it was gusting to 30 knots.

Decided to try the bay in the hope of it being a little sheltered.

We now recall why we no longer sail at the bay. Gusty and choppy in the extreme. Difficult to get going in the shadow of the containers and then completely overpowered over close-spaced nasty chop.

Did my best but twice the gusts planted me. Not much fun. Jumping not really an option due to overpowered state and the back of my board was a bit slippery as well for some reason.

Disaster struck on my final gybe in the shipping channel. As I rode the bucking bronco over the moguls, board and mast separated. Naturally I fell off and was left holding the rig as the board blew steadily away from me into the shipping channel.

It was the deep johnny infested water so I had to save the rig which would sink if I let it go. Swam it as fast as I could (not fast) to where I could stand (thank goodness) all the while watching the board get further away.

Managed to signal to Gareth who didn't realise anything was wrong but eventually got to me. He held the rig while I tried to go after the board. No chance. Luckily some guys on a yacht heading out to sea picked it up for me. I swam out to fetch it and the helpful guy launched it into space for me. Excellent... except he happened to catch the fin on the rail of his yacht as he threw it ! Haven't checked it out but it doesn't look too bad.

Basically the mast extension separated from the footpiece.... my fault, because it was a jury rigged setup. Bloody good thing I didn't go in the ocean.

In the meantime, the Naish had got itself torn while Gareth struggled to control two rigs at once.

Oh well...

Will repair the extension properly and this weekend I should take delivery of my two new sails !!! Yay. Ezzy Wave SE 2004, 5.2 and 6.3. Can't wait.

Toys Used:
F2 axxis 278
Naish Freeride 6.5
Neil Pryde Freeride 460
Naish Wave 
ProLimit Seat Large



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