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Advanced Shortboard Technique
paul - 25-7-2002 at 10:31

I'm here in the pic on a carve 135 and 7m tushingham thunderbird demonstrating a new freestyle trick, i.e. to railride a shortboard, this technique is designed to enable the board to cut through the chop as the new widestyles get a little bouncy when sailed in a more conventional technique !

justal - 26-7-2002 at 23:23

Nice one Paul.
The photo looks like one straight out of a mag, did you get someone in a boat to take it... We never manage to get any decent 'action' shots...Or was it just the good lighting of foreign climes that helped....I guess the grey washed out colours we generally get go with the territory here in Wales.

And, what exactly were you trying to do?

paul - 29-7-2002 at 08:04

It was taken at Sunsail in Turkey by the club photographer from a rib so he was only a few feet away, he did take a few good pics including these />
As for what I was doing, well I was hammering alng flat out when said photographer stopped the boat right in front of me so as I beared off to get around I got smacked by a gust which got under the board, still at least I got the starboard logo on display <lol>

adam - 29-7-2002 at 11:55

So what happened next? Was it time for a swim.....

paul - 29-7-2002 at 12:50

>So what happened next?

you decide (it's not to tricky):

1: I continued to accelerate downwind riding the board on it's rail

2: I pulled the board level again and duck gybed away

3: It all went black and I was underwater !