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kelvin - 6-6-2005 at 21:15

last link a bit full
so hers one of the knap locals ripping a wave sat 4th

justal - 6-6-2005 at 21:21

Don't forget to resize them before posting Kelvin....

I'm gonna have to go through and reduce them all now.. When I get a free hour! Grrrr....


kelvin - 6-6-2005 at 21:44

sorry al i,ll cut em down a bit more in future
but they really good FULL size these are already chopped well down ,
what you think of the classic board shot , dig those STRING harness lines and look closly and you,ll see dingy boots on the sailor , he dont half rip though

Spencer - 7-6-2005 at 00:34

Tis a very good pic, was it taken from the beach? im more tempted to get over that bridge with the amount of photographers u got over there Kel.
this computer at work is a bit slow specially with big pics,,,,tut tut...

justal - 7-6-2005 at 06:38

You tell him Spencer....

You're not the first that I have had to ask to keep the images smaller. You're right, they do look good full size and I wish we had someone here taking photos all the time.... It needs a whole heap of shots for me to find one that make me look good! Not everyone has broadband though so vieiwing large files can be a problem for them. It also puts up my hosting costs as it uses up quite a lot of bandwidth.... AND, it means we can see the whole photo on screen without having to scroll.

Dinghy sailor boots???... They are all the rage aren't they!?


Your latest

badexcuseforasailor - 7-6-2005 at 07:12


AND, it means we can see the whole photo on screen without having to scroll.

you need a bigger monitor Al they look great on a 21 inch............take a bit of a while to load though!

paul - 7-6-2005 at 07:57

really nice to see i'm not the only person in the UK still using a vitsea board, nice to see something standing the test of time !

justal - 7-6-2005 at 11:37

Originally posted by badexcuseforasailor
you need a bigger monitor Al they look great on a 21 inch............take a bit of a while to load though!

OK, yours is bigger than mine!!.... Although I actually have a dual monitor set-up a 15" widescreen LCD and a 17" CRT which gives me 2560x864 pixels....


Spencer - 7-6-2005 at 13:34

Where did you get the Vitsea Bit from?
I found a quick way to resize a pic for forum use is to email to your self, as this reduces the size, saves messing round with photoshop etc...thats better broadband & bigger monitor at home that is a seriously good pic!

[Edited on 7-6-2005 by Spencer]

justal - 7-6-2005 at 13:50

Are you sure e-mailing it reduces the size??? It shouldn't... Unless you have something set up specifically to do that for you.

You're right about this being a seriously good photo though... I don't think we could make any of the Borth locals look that good even with a hotshot photographer though!


paul - 7-6-2005 at 15:29

spencer from the other thread of piccys, the guy with the retro board, and dingey sailing boots

kelvin - 7-6-2005 at 16:08

sorry about you bandwidth Al thought you would be on an unlimited deal ?
Got stacks more pics from Sat but think i,ll give you a rest ,
the guy pulling the flash moves is one of a pair of twins , which can be a sight to behold when they sometimes loop/vulcan or whatever in sequece side by side .

Spencer - 7-6-2005 at 23:06

Ahhh, sorry paul i now see the retro board, cant see the grapics or name on it!
The mast track is well forward on it, easy see why modern boards plane earlier...

paul - 8-6-2005 at 07:32

is it just the position of the mast track ? or the extra width though ? Of course planning earlier means it becomes bouncier and less controlable earlier too

[Edited on 8-6-2005 by paul]

Spencer - 8-6-2005 at 09:39

mmm. bit of both with the early planning.
Ive still got a tiga wave & a Mistral Stinger,Mistral Screamer in the garage,ive had mistral ecstasy's Bic alto Tiga 280's Bic Persto + lots more & woulnt swap ALL of them for 1 of the more modern boards ive got...
Especially the AHD Maui force ive got, you really should try a modern wave board(youll want 1) & frame the Vitsea on the wall!

Art - 8-6-2005 at 10:13

Its cool to see another great pic.

Hans@BW - 14-6-2005 at 00:34


I think some of us are missing something here..... OK I'll say it -

"What a s#!t hot picture man!"

I am sure that Al must concede that, in this case, who gives a monkeys about the size of the pic...

justal - 14-6-2005 at 06:56

It's not bad!!

Could have been improved if the rider was female and bikini clad!!

OK, OK, it is good!


kelvin - 14-6-2005 at 14:33

just a quick update to the photo side , Don the guy who takes em has just bought an a3 photo quality printer , i,ve seen a few samples they are top notch , just awaiting a price of him .