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Whitey's Pictures from Boardwise Demo
Tim - 15-10-2005 at 09:14

The pictures Whitey took are on the following website:

BTW, beware of naked sailors they are a danger to society.


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justal - 15-10-2005 at 10:15

Nice one Tim.... I've fixed the link for you.... There was even a photo of me in amongst them... With my wetsuit on!!!


shawn - 17-10-2005 at 08:09

Brrrrr - whose the chilly lookin bald guy?

Spencer - 17-10-2005 at 17:10

Nive one!!!
Im in 1 as well which, well in the back ground anyway, No 05011, if they wernt so expensive i would buy it? thats you behind me isn't Al?

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justal - 17-10-2005 at 17:23

Yep, thats me at the back of that photo, and Steve may be the third sailor as well... The next photo (no 05012) is me as well.


Spencer - 17-10-2005 at 20:09

Yeah thats a nice pic. shame you weren't lookin round the mast,