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Cape Town piccies
leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:49

The REAL local of the beach

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:50

da same local who'd almost bit the head off a staffie! u can see the staffie lost his ball mahn!!

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:51

big bay cape town SA - the spot

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:52

mini raley

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:52

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:53

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:54

don't kite near rocks..this could happen

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:54

some airtime

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:55

leonardo - 10-12-2005 at 17:56

the beautiful scenery of cape town & table mountain

willf - 10-12-2005 at 20:59

this is painful. i hate you i hate you i hate you. stamping feet lower lip protruding and toys all out the pram.

chris - 11-12-2005 at 18:04

so thats what summer should be.

CharlieR - 12-12-2005 at 11:15

cool pics leo, got a friend heading out to Cape town for 8 weeks this summer and been wondering whether to visit - decision made! Thanks

Jonny - 13-12-2005 at 09:25

Cool pics Leo. Im hittin South Africa and Cape Town in February - Cant wait!!

shem - 13-12-2005 at 09:37


At least it looks like weve got a few days wind after tommorow, at last!!!!!!!!!! Shame well be freezing our N~#S off in NW winds!

dunk - 13-12-2005 at 11:46

Cool pics duuuuude!

Wish I was there too

mNeil - 13-12-2005 at 16:44

now all you guys stop WISH'N and go and buy a ticket; cant beat fly fishing for sharks in the cape, although being a wusss i prefer the indian ocean side with warm water, just wearing boardies and sunnies in the sunshine!!!!!

leonardo - 28-12-2005 at 19:05

right here we go..

all this sh1te about sharks in the cape is crap. i've surfed this place since being a lighty and i've rarely seen any sharks. as for kitesurfing the only animals i ever run into is dolphins, seals and penguins. Fly fishing for sharks ?????? u haven't even sailed on the west coast so how the hell can u make a statement like that????

For all those of u keen on coming to cape town west coast seeboard, this place is a dream for all kitesurfers, in fact i and every other kitesurfer on the west coast rate it a 1000 times better than dodgy strand with its crap waves and nonsense gusty wind.

sorry but i had to let that one out. I think sharks r beautiful creatures that if it weren't for them our oceans would be a dumpyard. thanks to that heap of nonsense film JAWS, there is always some loser that will moan about sharks. they've never bothered me or all the surfers, bodyboarders, longboarders, windsurfers or kitesurfers I know - and that is a LOT of watermen + watergirls.

willf - 28-12-2005 at 20:44

i got stung by a fish once. in cornwall. it hurt alot. those ones with the little spines on. i hate them. they are evil. worse than a shark attack any day, stung for about 20 mins and then i got so upset i slammed my own head in a car door.

don't get me started on jellyfish...

sharks are nothing. go to troon and surf after a storm, millions of little stingy jellies everywhere. the pain is unbearable for over half an hour and then you have to piss on yourself. sharks are nothing.

you more worried about monkeys leo!!! ;-)

mNeil - 29-12-2005 at 12:11

of course i havent sailed on the west coast; as i said i am a wuss and only like warm water!
gather you dont like the term fly fishing for sharks, shame i thought it sounds good and as a once very keen fisherman rather apt! and i dont mind sharks, have seem quite a few in the sea when i used to live in durban surfing,east coast again!!!!warmth!!!!!
saw a few rather large shapes under the water out in tenerife last year, now thats the west coast, but still warmer than big bay.
anyway glad to see you;'re still enjoying yourself,i'll forgive your outbursts, must be all that castle larger!!!just dont forget the springbok!
just had to put the fan heater in norman as the water is freezing up, lets hope it is warmer tomorrow in borth! your gonna wish you had a dry suit when you get back!
take care and be safe

leonardo - 1-1-2006 at 11:25

Hey Neil,

Yup, sorry about da outbursts, it is definitely all the castle beer, heat, no girlfriend, and watching Ruben and Aaron rip that must have caused it!!!!! Too much HEAT!!!

check out my thread in kiting on drysuits..

chris - 4-1-2006 at 18:12

sharks you gotta love them. i did meet one of margi's good friends while in capetown. he was on his surfski in fishhoek where a great white bit his boat in half. he swam in unhurt.

wish i was there

leo mate looking forward to watchin thoses new moves. if your still there then enjoy. see you soon

leonardo - 4-1-2006 at 18:33

Yup still here Chris-Dude!

Though tiree rib is aching as have taken some huge wipeouts..hoping it is like u said and is just the cartilage..

i'll be back in uk on 12th jan!

chris - 5-1-2006 at 08:18

leo, if it was more than a bruised cartilage or irritated carliage/bone junction you would not be able to kite. a fracture would be big pain.

i would change your harness for a while and ice the rib after a sesh.
it could also be a pulled abdominal muscle where it inserts on the rib. again ice and or anti inflamatory gel from the pharmacy.

have a good one gezzer. we should have 8m by the time you get back!!! just need some wind