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fools day at the knap
kelvin - 1-4-2006 at 19:59

not a bad day bit iffy wind , but enough for 6m and JP, 20 or more guys out in the sun .

justal - 2-4-2006 at 09:06

The question is did he land it??

We definitely need to appoint an official photographer here... Or better still an offical videographer so that would could get £250 from You've been Framed!


bullet - 2-4-2006 at 11:27

Kevin was that a mid freestyle move or mid wipeout?
Great pic

kelvin - 2-4-2006 at 17:16

mid move shot ,
hers one from todays little outing of mate talble topping

kelvin - 3-4-2006 at 18:57

more fron Sunday

kelvin - 3-4-2006 at 18:58

n more

kelvin - 3-4-2006 at 18:58

n more