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Unknown kitesurfer at Borth today
Surfr - 8-4-2006 at 17:07

Hi all. I was down at Borth with the camera today and snapped off a few of this kitesurfer enjoying the wind. No idea who it is I'm afraid. Perhaps someone here will recognise them?

More pics and full-size 6MP images at my flickr account:
Tonnes more not uploaded if the surfer is interested

Looks like fun. I'm pondering giving it a go myself now. Got a fair bit of dinghy experience and a bit of windsurfing (Assistant Instructer many years ago).

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justal - 8-4-2006 at 18:07

That'll be Neil enjoying himself!


rob - 8-4-2006 at 18:20

cool photos, looks like a good day!

justal - 8-4-2006 at 18:23

Yeah... where were you Rob... Looks like the same again tomorrow a well.. Although not quite so onshore judging by the forecast.


rob - 9-4-2006 at 17:37

i'm busy flying on weekends!! might get out during the week though as long as its not raining. any good today?

justal - 9-4-2006 at 17:48

Yeah. 25 knots today and sunny.

Tuesday morning looks good at the mo, are you up for a session then Rob??


col123 - 9-4-2006 at 18:33

Al are you sure its neil and not the last known outing of the winter Gimp

rob - 10-4-2006 at 09:59

yep count me in for tomorrow morning, just heading back up to aber now.

justal - 10-4-2006 at 10:08

Good stuff... whats the earliest you are likely to make it to the beach??


Graham - 10-4-2006 at 10:11


That's not the winter's condom man

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leonardo - 10-4-2006 at 11:18

maybe its condom-gimp-DuDe!

mNeil - 10-4-2006 at 14:00

that'll be me then.....................all those titles to live up to. be down cornwall from tomorrow back up borth friday21st april see y'all then and have a good easter
graham at least i got out this weekend and was not stuck in bed with a hangover dude!!!!

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andy B - 10-4-2006 at 19:47

fantastic pics, bet the bluebeard is well stoked with them, you sure he didnt know you was snaping him