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Spring Bank
Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:04

For those of you that missed an epic weekend, and those that want to be reminded (mainly Leonardo) heres a series of my pics. Enjoy

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:05

The Bok in Action.

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:05

And again.

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:06


Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:07

Intermission from the Bok

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:08

Ah lovely sunsets

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:08

And the next evenings

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:10

Back to the Bok, beats flying a stupid flag on your car!

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:11

Another evening.

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:12

Something a bit arty, nice though shifting sands.

Kitefish - 31-5-2006 at 23:14

Topped off with a nice fire with the Kitefish (you had to drink alot of jack to get this)

justal - 1-6-2006 at 04:32

Nice photos.... Shame I was in Bristol for a wedding, but without any toys to play with sitting on the beach watching you guys would have been pretty frustrating... Not looking good for this weekend perfect BBQ weather instead.


carlessd - 1-6-2006 at 10:47

nice pics dude, gutted to of missed it all

leonardo - 1-6-2006 at 18:22

Like bro, those are some really impressive weren't a photographer before working with fish were ya?!

How do I get hold of the originals u took on the weekend? send me a pm! I'm keen to see the pic u showed me on the w/e where i'm looping & kite is very low!


Kitefish - 1-6-2006 at 21:27

Leonardo glad you like the pics, I will burn the originals to disc (the file size is very large) and give it to when I next see you. I have reduced these in size to fit on this site, i can if you want send them via email too.

Top weekend I'm still stoked

andy B - 4-6-2006 at 08:14

not bad i suppose as they were taken with a crappy camera. phototografy is for people who cant kitesurf because of intoxication i pressume. cracking weekend are you playing next w/e dude ?
see ya on da beach

andy B - 4-6-2006 at 08:39

here is one my good lady took, hope this works if not sorry al

andy B - 4-6-2006 at 08:43


andy B - 4-6-2006 at 18:42

and again

andy B - 4-6-2006 at 19:02

and one more, both these from w/e 5/7 may