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photos w/e 10th 11th june
andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:27

here are a few picks from the w/e

under cover of darkness

andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:30

the camp in day light

andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:32

andy wakes, what a place to wake up to

andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:36

some of the toys used on sat, ok kites

andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:37

some of the toys used on sat, ok kites

justal - 14-6-2006 at 20:37

Andy... This is what the new photo galleries are for... I can add a new 'Happy campers' album if you like.


andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:39

i assume this is the remains of a sunken boat

andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:41

ok al are these a bit big

andy B - 14-6-2006 at 20:43

one more this is Ben (coming through)

justal - 14-6-2006 at 20:49

Yep... some are over 1000 pixels wide, 500 pixels is the max for the forums... Size doesn't matter so much for the galleries though as they get automatically resized as thumbnails so scrolling through them is quicker.

There are lots of other reasons that the galleries are better too... Images aren't stroed in database making backups a little quicker for me, and loading quicker for you lot, better search engine optimisation, the galleries are searchable so you'll be able to find images in the future.

Probably others too.

I've created a 'Happy Campers' (the Borth Massif, at home and away) album in the events category. Is that OK??