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Photos-Kitesurfing Aberdovey July/Aug '06
Snapper - 16-8-2006 at 22:50

Hi. I took some photos of the action during the last weekend of July / first week of August. One of the guys said this is a popular site. I have uploaded them to the above website in my own gallery. I will also try to upload some here. Any comments appreciated. Cheers, Mart.

justal - 17-8-2006 at 05:51

Hi Snapper..... Upload them to the Photo Galleries It is better than uploading them to the forums.


baileyman - 17-8-2006 at 13:40

Nice pics Mart.

Fair play for standing in the lagoon amongst it all - plus you survived the "Flying Bok".

Would be good to see any other shots you have of that w/e.

Snapper - 17-8-2006 at 21:13

Hi. i have just uploaded a few more to the gallery. The middle of the lagoon was the best place to be- I think the hill give a better back-drop to the jumps etc. I'm not sure it was the best place for my camera though with all the salt water!! Having windsurfed in the past it made me want to try this - it looks even more fun...
I don't know any of the guys so if you recognise anyone please let them know. Cheers all!

Pluto - 18-8-2006 at 11:41

Nice photos Dude - I think everyone recognises the rogues in the Gallery.
Fab quality. Very impressed, particularly as they can be bought.
I didn't check, are electronic versions available?

Snapper - 21-8-2006 at 17:46

Hi Pluto. Thanks, I am pleased you like them. I have replied to you by email. I would be happy to supply electronic images for publicity, websites etc. Just contact me by email to discuss. I am regularly in Aberdovey if there is any more interest in having photos shot.

Jonny - 21-8-2006 at 19:25

Wow - awesome pics Mart

jon d hat - 21-8-2006 at 19:36

Hey Snapper, good to see your prepaired to get deep down an dirty for the money shot!! Dont spend much time on line so just spotted your super snap.

Am interested in one inparticular, can you let me know your terms for one sent by Email. Crackin flicks geez...

Snapper - 22-8-2006 at 22:09

Hi All! I appreciate your feedback!

Jon d' , It would cheaper to purchase prints as electronic copy would cost more.
Let me know what you want and for what purpose and I will try to accomodate.

Graham - 26-9-2006 at 11:22

i've tried to look at the photos but can't see them on the web site.
I'm going to but can't get past the home page.

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Snapper - 30-9-2006 at 19:39

Snapper - 30-9-2006 at 19:41

Hi. I have just checked the link and this worked so try pasting this into the address bar. Hope you succeed..... /> Thanks.

cabte - 30-9-2006 at 20:39

Never been to Aberdovey But it looks a nice place to kitesurf,,,

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