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bashed at genith
kelvin - 19-8-2007 at 20:07

Llangeinth was great today
although it could be said a little hard core !
Casually list went like 2 broken masts , 3 damages sails , 1 head bump bleeding graze , one nasty cheek puncture wound needing 6 stitches , grazed nose , grazed shin .....
And that was just my crazy more there where some more snapped boards and masts around !!

1/2 to 2/3 dumping giants at time ! ho,ho,ho . GREAT !!!1

justal - 20-8-2007 at 08:43

Sounds as though you had some fun!!! It was pretty crazy here too, gusting to over 40 knots and some pretty big waves but the most difficult thing to contend with was the current which felt like a river if you got caught in it.

How did you get that photo? Have you got a helicopter??!!


kelvin - 20-8-2007 at 19:44

yea back wash was a bit strong genith as well , killing the board speed in the white water . made you feel underpowered on inside